New Dr. Seuss Books Come With an Agenda


There are new Dr. Seuss books coming soon, but they have an agenda.

The woke left decided last year that several Dr. Seuss books, after being published for decades, were suddenly racist and not diverse enough. His publisher had to cancel them. Joe Biden did not acknowledge Dr. Seuss when he made his presidential proclamation on Reading Across America Day (which falls on Seuss’s birthday).

However, I think time heals all injuries because Joe Biden mentioned Dr. Seuss in this year’s proclamation.

“Children’s classics like Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham and Oh! the Places You’ll go! The proclamation states that they have inspired a passion to read and an endless amount of creativity that spans generations. Before the radical left gasps are triggered, Biden stated the following: “Today’s stories and adventures, as diverse as the world in the which we live, and reading them, we become more fully aware of the vibrant diversity both of our Nation and the world.”

Ahh yes, those books that promote diversity. These books, such as pornographic books for children or books that encourage transgenderism in five-year-olds because “love triumphs over hate”, or some other thing, are examples of this. That’s another topic.

Is Dr. Seuss still on the air? Is the radical left realizing how absurd it was canceling him in the first instance and making amends?

Oh, Gods, no! Don’t even consider it. Biden’s inclusion of Dr. Seuss in his re-inclusion isn’t as innocent as it appears.

According to the New York Post, an “inclusive group of writers/artists from diverse racial backgrounds” will take previously unseen Dr. Seuss sketches and “woke-wash” them for the next generation leftists. They will use “inclusive” storylines that “represent a diverse cross-section of racial origins to represent as many family members as possible,” Dr. Seuss Enterprises reps explained.

Have you ever wished to see a Pride-flagged Sneetch do fellatio on a brown-furred Lorax? Because of diversity, there’s a good chance you will finally get your chance.

Susan Brandt, president, and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises said that she was looking forward to putting the spotlight onto a new generation of talent who will bring their unique voices to the page while also drawing inspiration and inspiration from Dr. Seuss’ imagination.

The left doesn’t want to be content with writing their own radical garbage. They have to take down the legacy of Dr. Seuss and replace it with wokeness, all the while pretending to be diverse and inclusive.

We’ll keep it simple, no thanks.