New Police Union President Warns Officers Of Consequences For Kneeling

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Images of police officers and National Guard troops kneeling ‘in solidarity’ with mobs of angry Left-wing protesters who claim the entire country is racist against minorities and we’ve made no progress whatsoever over the 230 years America’s been around have angered Americans from coast to coast.

It’s insulting and demeaning to watch men and women in uniform bend a knee upon demand before a movement that seeks to destroy the country as founded, especially when such displays are overtly political in nature.

One cop has had it.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara, who has only been at his post for a month, isn’t having any of his officers kneeling before the mobs, as Fox32 reports:

The new president of Chicago’s powerful police union has issued a stern warning to officers. He says any officers showing sympathy to police protesters while in uniform could be thrown out of the union.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t happy about it.

“I don’t believe it’s the time or place to be doing that,” said Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara.

In office for only a month, Catanzara is laying down the law for his members.

“If you kneel, you’ll be risking being brought up on charges and thrown out of the lodge,” Catanzara said.

The union boss goes on to say that he sees the kneeling essentially as an act of treason for cops because the policies protesters are now pushing for would be extremely harmful for police officers everywhere they are enacted.

“Specifically, this weekend. This was about defunding and abolishing the police officers. And you’re going to take a knee for that? It’s ridiculous,” Catanzara said.

Anyone who is dismissed from the FOP can remain a police officer in Chicago, but they won’t be entitled to any benefits and protections afforded by the union’s contract.

In 2017, Catanzara took heat after posting a photo on Facebook of himself in his uniform holding a sign supporting President Trump and gun rights, while opposing kneeling during the plyaing of the National Anthem.

He says kneeling officers are doing the same thing – making a political statement.

“Well that’s a political stance. I want to see what happens on the department level. I’m going to guess nothing because the mayor supports this kind of stuff,” he said.

Meanwhile, an NYPD lieutenant is disgusted with himself for taking a knee at protester’s demand.

Lt. Robert Cattani of the Midtown South Precinct told the department “the cop in me wants to kick my own ass,” in a June 3 email obtained by The Post. Cattani said he lost sleep over the “horrible decision to give into a crowd of protesters’ demands.”

“The conditions prior to the decision to take a knee were very difficult as we were put center stage with the entire crowd chanting,” Cattani said, according to the New York Post. “I know I made the wrong decision. We didn’t know how the protesters would have reacted if we didn’t and were attempting to reduce any extra violence.

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