New York Mayor Begging People to Move to the City of High Crime and Taxes


New York City, look out! You’re known as the city that never sleeps, the Big Apple. It is hard to make it living in New York and takes a special kind of person. Yet why would you want to make it there with high taxes, high crime, and your elected officials constantly making dumb PR-based moves that are supposed to improve the quality of everyday life in the city but don’t?

New York’s Mayor, Eric Adams, his latest move was a sure sign that he is desperate. But, ultimately, I will feel sorry for New York City, which elected him and must deal with him over the next three-and-a-half years.

The Mayor and his staff decided it would be a smart idea to spend taxpayer money to advertise down in Florida.

This vapid campaign is designed to persuade people in Florida to move to New York City. Adams and his colleagues believe you can convince people to leave a place with lower taxes and better weather and move to one that has high taxes, criminality, and bad weather.

Adams reminds his staff that you can say GAY in Florida. No one has ever been arrested for saying that in the Sunshine State.

This is a bad idea.

This tweet was generated from the announcement regarding the clown show idea New York City taxpayers pay for.

They called it the “Don’t Say, Gay Bill.” They repeatedly lie about the bill’s content. More people have seen it and realized they are lying. Biden claims the bill will “harm trans kids.” Americans who have seen it will know it is a fabrication. Jen Psaki wants to stop it. America quietly replied, “Why would anyone want to sexualize children?” ”

Never before have I seen the left misread the room. Everybody has compassion for children.

New York City now has a digital campaign that encourages Floridians to move to New York City. It seems absurd that someone from Florida would want to live in New York City so that they can say “gay”.

This excerpt shows that Jim discredits the left’s hope that Florida’s absurdity about not being able to use the word “gay” will bring any benefits. Mayor Adams claims that this will encourage people to move to New York City.

You’re a great person to have this hope.

Your major crime statistics have increased by nearly 40% in the past year. Your first act as Mayor was to take photographs and ride the subway to show people it was safe. It’s possible to ignore high crime rates and high taxes and still move to New York City. This is what you should be selling.

I will return to this topic in one year. It seems like a waste of money and New York City residents are perfectly happy with it.

I would love to find out how long Eric Adams will be able to enjoy Florida’s sunshine and all its benefits.