Omicron Has Forced Doctors To Finally Get Real


Many observers have noticed that the only way to gauge the severity of the pandemic was through cases. In an environment where all patients who arrive in the emergency room are tested, we have also asked about hospitalization and deaths. Our assertions were partially supported by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who recently partially backed them up. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the diminutive mastermind behind all the disastrous pandemic responses, finally stated that hospitalizations should be the main focus and not on cases. As the nation accumulated more than a million cases per day, record numbers of cases were recorded in “good” states such as New York.

“As the infections get less severe, you need to pay more attention to hospitalizations than the total number of cases,” Fauci said to George Stephanopoulos Sunday. In fact, the severity of infections was less in large swathes of the population, so hospitalizations were likely always correct. Fauci, who appeared on MSNBC Friday, also stated that children are hospitalized because of Covid. Incidental testing has proven this to be true throughout the pandemic. In May 2021, two retrospective studies were done in California and found that pediatric hospitalizations had been overcounted at least 40%.

The admissions have started to come from the top so other doctors are able to give a realistic picture. Dr. M. Kit Delgado is an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Perelman College of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He shared his observations on Twitter. Delgado divided the patients he sees into three categories.

  • Hospitalized for Covid: Mostly unvaxxed, elderly/chronically ill, & unboosted
  • Covid has exacerbated COPD, a chronic disease that is often accompanied by other conditions.
  • Incidental Covid caught in the blanket screening

This breakdown was actually present in the Covid census. Although the relative percentages might differ from Omicron’s, all patients admitted to the hospital were tested regardless of their symptoms. This was in the early 2020s. Delgado said that ICU-level care was less needed than in previous waves.

Dr. Craig Spencer from Manhattan’s emergency room echoed Delgado’s remarks about exacerbating already existing illnesses. It seemed that everyone had COVID today. There were so many. Yes, some were really short of breath and needed oxygen. COVID seems to have upset the delicate balance of an underlying disease. “It’s making people really sick, in a completely different way,” Spencer said on Twitter. A ventilator was not required at this facility. “Thankfully, Covid patients don’t get as sick as they used to be.”

A Covid hospitalization is not necessary for an exacerbation or recurrence of chronic disease. A person with diabetes who is afflicted by a viral infection develops diabetic ketoacidosis. You treat diabetic complications. These complications are common in patients with chronic illnesses like influenza, pneumonia, or other acute diseases. This is not a unique phenomenon. It seems that everyone seems to have forgotten.

Delgado also pointed out the increase in people who have mild to no symptoms and are seeking testing at the ER due to the absence of community testing. This is due to the panic caused by public health leaders such as Dr. Fauci in the past two years. Stockholm in Sweden began testing patients who were sick enough to require hospitalization for Covid symptoms in March 2020. Since May 2020, the signs of age striation, as well as risk tracing, have been apparent due to a few serious co-morbidities. Public health officials should stress that this messaging is important to alleviate emergency rooms and ensure that people who are in need of care have it.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul made a smart move to account for more Covid hospitalizations. On Monday she made a statement at a news conference.

Americans have suffered from poor metrics and overestimations for almost two years. It is now that accurate statistics on hospitalizations, and deaths are required. Since the CDC refuses differentiation, every governor should demand this granular level information from hospitals. Every state leader team should insist that their statistics are categorized according to the prepositions “with”, “for” and “from”.