Oregon Governor Grants Clemency to Man Who Executed Teen Girl in 1994


Oregon’s left-wing Sen. Ron Wyden called Gov. Kate Brown’s release of convicted murderer Kyle Hedquist “grossly irresponsible.”

Wyden stated that Brown’s decision to show mercy to Kyle Hedquist (now 45) was “wrong on every level, beginning with its inhumanity to the victim’s family, and ending with all Oregonians who depend upon public officials for safe decisions.”

Brown released Hedquist but did not inform Nikki Thrasher. Thrasher was a 19-year-old girl who knew about Hedquist’s burglaries and was lured into the woods by Hedquist, who shot her in the back.

Hedquist was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for a 1995 murder conviction. Brown was a good boy in prison and freed Thrasher from execution.

Holly Thrasher is Nikki’s grieving mother. The murderer’s release of her daughter was not revealed to her until a television station called.

“He took my daughter’s life in cold blood”. Thrasher claimed that he had planned it.

Hedquist was being detained in Douglas County. This was the county where he was living in 1995. Hedquist refused permission to be present at his release. This is because the Thrasher family lived in Douglas County when Hedquist was released. Paige Clarkson was the Marion County District Attorney. She stated that their county was forced to accept the murderer by the governor.


The state provided one Marion County address. The petition was denied, but the Governor’s Office plans to appeal.

Clarkson claimed that Hedquist was due to be released on April 13th when the notice was sent. Clarkson claims that Community Corrections did not have enough time to inspect the south Salem address given by Governor’s Office.

Clarkson stated that the release in Marion County was inappropriate and didn’t comply with proper protocol. Clarkson added that the release was also not appropriate and did not follow the correct protocol.

Hedquist was a hospice worker in prison and worked there for many years. Hedquist impressed everyone with his compassion for the dying, and his care as any sociopath could.

DA Clarkson is troubled.

Clarkson also expressed her concern about the justice system. Clarkson stated that victims reached out and asked Clarkson why the perpetrator was allowed to plead guilty, and how they felt about justice.

Clarkson stated that Clarkson was telling victims that they don’t matter and that it’s telling them their lives aren’t important. Clarkson also said that victims need to believe that they are supported. They must be willing to go to court with us and to stay there.

Clarkson, and other district attorneys, have observed a troubling pattern in Governor Kate Brown’s behavior.

While prison is supposed to be a place of “rehabilitation”, we must also admit that some criminals commit such horrific crimes that it is difficult to allow them to return home to society.

They are not all equal. This should be a problem.