Our Rights Were Targeted Before COVID


Do you remember those unalienable rights we all believed we had? These were the God-imbued freedoms that our founding documents, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, enshrined and protected as sacred. These were the “natural rights,” which our founders believed were divinely granted.

As 2021 draws to a close, Americans want to report a robbery. Our rights, which are embedded in our personhood, have been taken. It can also be called identity theft. Worse, actually.

After hearing Dr. Nancy Pearcey’s idea on Pastor John Mark Komer’s ” live no lies” podcast, it was clear to me that I wanted to speak with her. I took the time to transcription part of her interview, sent it to my Bible study, and asked Dr. Pearcey for an interview.

Houston Baptist University professor of apologetics is the author of many books. The most recent is 2018’s Love Thy Body. This book examines “the pervasive hostility towards the body and biology within secular culture.”

This hostility has led to the theft of our individuality. Who stole it? It was the state. Comer was told by her that “you cannot have a free society without acknowledging that certain rights are pre-political.” This means that the government, the state, does not create them. It merely recognizes them.

They took over these rights.

They separated our bodies and our biology by allowing abortion. Professor Pearcey noted that this was “based on the belief that any biologically-human person has the greatest fundamental right — the right not be killed.” However, logically speaking, the state now says that “just because you are human doesn’t mean that you have the right for life… because the state qualifies your as a person. She says that Roe was the Supreme Court’s decision that “some humans are not persons worth protecting.” So the state has decided to determine who humans “qualify” as persons.

She said that euthanasia is similar to an abortion decision, but reversed. According to the state, “If you lose some cognitive function, if your mind is disabled, then you’re no longer a person.”

It’s already bad enough. But, it gets worse. This is the pattern.

She says, “Take marriage.” Pre-political rights include marriage because both males and women naturally mate and form families. The state altered that with the Obergefell gay-marriage Supreme Court decision, which disassociated marriage from biology. Pearcey claims they have replaced it and rebranded marital relationships as “an emotional connection”. As a result, the definition of marriage is not based on objective biological facts, but only on the state’s opinion.

This is where you can see it going. You can’t.

Is it possible to be a parent if you have given birth to a child or adopted one? Not necessarily, says Dr. Pearcey. Dr. Pearcey says that biologically-based parentage was pre-political and always supported scientific facts. The new laws were created to allow same-sex couples to have both parents listed on their birth certificates, even if one is not biologically related to the child. Pearcey says that parenthood has been removed from biology and that the “legal definition” of parenthood was created by the state. According to Pearcey, you don’t technically have the right to be the parent of your children, unless the state tells you otherwise.

Loss of these rights affects everyone, including gays, straights, and transgenders. Everyone.

Pearcey explains that transgenderism is when the state can separate gender and biology. This, she says, “is saying that biology doesn’t really matter.” The 2020 Bostock decision saw the Supreme Court legalize gender as a “state of mind” that the government defines. She warns that it is not rooted in objective reality.

She isn’t done. This is why she wrote a complete book about it. I encourage you to read it as I plan to.

While we know that some Supreme Court scholars may be able to write a sentence or footnote in a decision to help mitigate political and personal fallouts, are these scholars’ conclusions incorrect? It doesn’t look so.

She says, “So one after the other of these pre-political right rooted biology, rooted science are no longer rooted biology and science.” Pearcey says it’s “huge power grabs by the state.” She also states that Christians are pro-science.

Before COVID and its authoritarianism displayed by its agents — mayors.gov.doctors.gov. — the state had already separated us from our God-given, unalienable rights to personhood. They replaced them with a sliding scale of “rights” which the state defines and distributes apart from who you really are.

Resistance is not futile in this instance. It’s crucial.

Now the question is: How?