Our Societal Enemy Should Be Ideology


Bankrupt dogmas were what ultimately decimated the evil empires that existed in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Crackpot ideology destroyed freedom of expression. It destroyed meritocracy and made it impossible to apply the laws equally — and thus paved the way for worse.

The Nazi concept of a superior Aryan race decided everything, from physics to tank design. Soviet commissars also did the same, subordinating rational thinking to communist agendas.

Both systems were infiltrated by zealots to indoctrinate the schools and universities.

While not as deadly, wokeism is similar. Racial wokeism holds that the race and genders of the Vice President and next Supreme Court Justice subordinate all other considerations.

But will the current vice-president and the next Supreme Court justice equally select their future surgeons or their upcoming airline pilots based on the same predetermined race/sex criteria?

What, other than ideology, explains why Janice Rogers Brown’s nominations as African-American judges in 2003 and 2005 were rejected? Was it racist and sexist to block Joe Biden from a preselected African American female nomination?

Why was not the majority of Antifa and Black Lives Matter robbers who looted and destroyed property and attacked people during the 120-day period in summer 2020, even tried, charged? Why was the media treating the Canadian truckers and the Jan 6 rioters so harshly?

If the January 6 rioters had been waving pride flags or BLM banners, might some of them still be in solitary confinement for over a year and not been charged?

Would the summer 2020 criminal looters and protestors have been wearing red MAGA caps? If so, would they have been able to get away with most of their crimes without being charged?

What would have happened if conservative protestors had created a police-free “MAGA Zone” in Seattle instead of the exempted Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. What if the police had also left it alone? Would the media have romanticized this illegality in a similar way?

Their utter corruption of ideology was one reason the COVID-19 mask and lockdown policies lost public trust

In June 2020, thousands of people bravely defied quarantines. Yet, over 1,000 healthcare professionals excused them for claiming that their woke agendas justifiably violated quarantine laws. Millions of Americans then concluded that government policy was more about identity politics than saving lives.

What 2020 politicians criticized vaccine programs and said they wouldn’t likely get immunizations – even if they were endorsed then-President Donald Trump.

What can we say about Stacey Abrams, who is being demonized for her role in destroying election legitimacy? She lost the Georgia governor’s race by more than 50,000 votes. She has maintained for many years that the voting was rigged and that the elected governor of Georgia is unfit.

In 2000, who challenged the vote count for weeks despite multiple public and private audits that confirmed George W. Bush’s victory in Florida?

Who challenged the Electoral College vote in Congress in 2004-2005, only the second such challenge in history? Which party had the 31 House members, and one senator, who forced a vote in Congress to overturn an unsuccessful attempt to reverse the election?

In 2016, who ran ads that pleaded with the electors to vote for Hillary Clinton, ignoring their state vote totals, and violate their constitutional duties for weeks?

Who claimed that her victorious opponent was elected as president illegitimately in 2016? Who boasted that she was part of the “resistance” in order to weaken his presidency? Who advised Joe Biden to not accept the election results if he lost in 2020?

Would the Biden Administration mobilize law enforcement to ensure arrests and prosecutions? Do current county and city prosecutors continue to be blind?

Would anti-communist Cubans, in millions, illegally crash the southern border? Or would they be welcomed in the same way as Central Americans and Mexicans?

What would happen to the conservatives who voted against the filibuster if a Republican president has a Republican Congress by 2024? A national voting law that requires IDs at all polls. Voting to increase the Supreme Court to 15 justices to guarantee at least six new nominations for the Republican-controlled presidency and Congress?

Castroite Cuba and Venezuela created an ideology that distorted the law’s application, eliminated merit from assessing qualifications, silenced speech and applied the law in unequal ways. This led to society being unresolved.

These ideologic dystopias eventually leave the shelves empty and render the currency worthless. The nation then regresses into chaos and poverty. Is this the future we are awaiting?

Even scarier, ideologies ensure that chaos is celebrated as success. Critics are demonized, and they are hounded. The obsequious state media assures people that everything is going well.