Over 16 Million Americans Own AR15s


And This Past Week Is Why

MINNEAPOLIS, MN.- Over the years, we’ve heard the gun-grabbing, anti-2nd Amendment crowd railing against so-called “assault rifles” like the AR-15, saying that Americans don’t need “weapons of war” to shoot deer.

That’s usually how the shtick goes.

Of course, Joe Biden thinks they are AR-16s…or something like that. Whatever they are, they’re black and they’re scary looking.

If anything has been proven by the last five days, it’s that there is a reason why Americans own 16+ million AR-15s.

If you remember back to the Democratic debates, back when Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke had some relevancy, he pledged that he was coming to take your AR-15.

At the time, Breitbart News reported that this would be a rather overwhelming task, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). They related that the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in the United States.

NSSF calculated that there are an estimated 16+ million privately owned AR-15s in the country.

NSSF found that AR-15s are not just owned by so-called “hicks” in the Bible Belt or flyover country. They are owned by whites and blacks, across all demographic ranges.

In 2018, Breitbart reported that during the Obama presidency, over nine million AR-15s were manufactured for sale in the U.S.

Over the last five days, while we have seen anarchists running roughshod over our cities, Breitbart reported that there were black business owners in Minneapolis standing guard outside their properties with AR-15s.

Lest anyone think that AR-15s are only the weapon of choice for beer drinking, whiskey shooting men, Breitbart reported on November 4, 2019 that a pregnant Florida woman had used an AR-15 to kill a home invader as her husband was under attack.

They are much more accurate than a pistol, and don’t have the spread of say 00 buckshot from a shotgun, as Biden had at one time suggested using for self-defense.

As anarchists have threatened to take the fight from the cities to the suburbs, having something on the lines of an AR-15 might persuade them to take the fight elsewhere.

Politicians such as Joe Biden and other Democrats have vowed to institute an “assault weapons ban”, which would presumably outlaw the AR-15, which is nothing more than a scary looking Bushmaster rifle.

If nothing else, they want to at least end the sale of these weapons.

The American people are often told by Democrats that the only ones who need “assault” weapons are the military. Some even want to take them away from the police, which as we’ve seen in the past week is probably not a great idea.

What we have also seen is that we cannot rely on the police to protect us, not when they are being besieged by lawless insurrectionists.

Democrats tell us that we are to rely on the police to protect us, when in many cases they can be as many as ten, fifteen or more minutes away from being able to help.

And that is if they’re not being overwhelmed.

With what is currently going on in our cities, it has become much more understandable why the American people own over 16 million of them

Clearly, given the current situation police will not be able to be at all places at all times they are needed. In Minneapolis on E. Lake St., numerous businesses have been looted, with many also being burned down.

In one area of St. Paul, officers barricaded a Target store, however only a block away a T.J. Max was broken into and looted.

Many of the businesses which are being targeted are immigrant-owned, who had already been struggling during the government-mandated shutdowns due to coronavirus.

“Now it’s worse,” said Roberto Hernandez, who stood guard outside his nutrition store to fend off looters.

In another incident, not clear where, a store owner pulled up to his business and let off a shotgun blast in their direction, scattering them with shotgun pellets.

In San Antonio a business owner held back while his windows were being smashed out at his business, however when the looters entered the store, he started shooting.

Unfortunately, defending your business doesn’t always pay off, as a business owner in Dallas discovered. After trying to hold off a group of thugs, he ended up getting beaten within an inch of his life by a crowd (because they would never do so one on one).

He was attempting to hold them off what was believed to be a sword or other edged weapon.

The importance of being armed seems to be more important than ever in the current environment. According to the Associated Press, three people were shot Saturday night, including one fatally during what started out as “peaceful” protests over the death of George Floyd.

As Greg Gutfeld of Fox News said, “When the public can no longer depend on law enforcement getting there in time to defend them; and when the public’s now targeted for grievous injury or death by fiends—the only thing left for the public is to defend themselves appropriately and forcefully.”

There are an estimated 100 million-gun owners in the United States. That number has increased over the past two months as first the coronavirus, now the insurrection takes over the country.

Given the current status of police in the country being slammed by riots, more and more Americans are going to be seeking guns to protect themselves, their businesses and most importantly their families.

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Author: Law Enforcement Today

Source: Law Enforcement Today: As the last week has proven, there is a good reason Americans own 16 million AR-15s