Parade Tragedy Shows The Lefts True Feelings


Darrell Brooks’ unhinged and deadly attack on Waukesha’s Christmas parade was a shocking national tragedy. This is a fair assessment of the situation. Unfortunately, in post-sanity America, almost everything must be perverted by politically-infused hot take from people who are too emotionally damaged to take a deep breath in the face of tragedy before responding.

American leftists still don’t get the reality that justice was served in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial last week. The far left doesn’t really have a functional definition of justice despite all their ranting and raving about it.

Many of them are insecure so many left-leaning people decided to let their Rittenhouse opinions trigger Waukesha responses.

Kevin wrote about a BLM advocate who claimed that the attack meant “the revolution had begun.” He was basing his statement on a rumor about Brooks’ Rittenhouse verdict.

Either the verdict made someone murder innocent people, or BLM friends are just looking for another excuse to kill. Both could be true.

But there’s more.

Mary Lemanski, an Illinois Democrat, called Sunday’s massacre of Christmas Parade participants “karma” for Wisconsin residents who were not guilty in Friday’s Kyle Rittenhouse trial verdicts.

Lemanski has resigned, and the Twitter evidence of her dark, filthy heart has been deleted.

These are just a few examples. This was just a small sample of what was out there yesterday. This is the American Left right now. They are not well.

Perhaps the pumpkin pie next week will be a help.