Pastor Greg Locke Attacks Joe Biden, Calls Pope Biggest Pedophile On The Planet


Controversial pastor Greg Locke condemned President Joe Biden and called Pope Francis “the biggest pedophile on the planet” in a fiery Mother’s Day sermon on Sunday morning.

In a video shared to Twitter by Right Wing Watch, Locke, leader of the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, told his congregants that he received letters from people who were angry about his disparaging rhetoric about Biden.

“I got three letters in the mail just the other day. Not one of them had a return address. Not one of them. All three of them were castigating me because they said, ‘We want you to know that Joe Biden is an honorable man. Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic,'” Locke said. “So is the pope but he’s the biggest pedophile on the planet, say Amen right there.”

Newsweek reached out to Locke via Global Vision Bible Church for comment. This story will be updated with any response.

Locke predicted that former President Donald Trump would win the presidential election last year. After Biden won, Locke has regularly lashed out at the Democrat for allegedly stealing the presidency from Trump.

Last Sunday, Locke told his supporters that Biden “stole the election.”

“I believe that until the day I die. I don’t give two flips and a wooden nickel what anybody thinks about it,” he said. “I don’t care what you say about me. He’s a liar, and a robber and a thief and a crook.”

Locke added: “It’d be nice if all the Biden voters would put their signs back in the front yard so their neighbors at least know why they’re starving to death, somebody say amen right there. Bunch of socialistic garbage. The economy’s worse than it’s ever been. All this fear mongering, the media is worse than it’s ever been.”

Locke also regularly insists to his congregants that Trump is still in charge of America. Last month, he pushed back against critics who accused him of being a false prophet and claimed that Trump won but isn’t in the White House because it was stolen from him.

“If I predict that your team is going to win and you do, but the opposing coach breaks into your house in the middle of the night and steals your trophy, that ain’t on me,” he said. “That don’t make me false. That makes them liars and crooks. Amen.”

At the time, Lock told Newsweek that Trump “never conceded the election. He said he would give a smooth transition of power. Trump still insists that he won.”

Author : Christina Zhao

Source : News Week : Pastor Greg Locke Attacks Joe Biden, Calls Pope ‘Biggest Pedophile on the Planet’