Penalty Decrease For Drive By Shooters.. Why?


Tay’Zauhn, 17, was murdered by a drive-by killer in July. In Seattle, six shooters killed six people in one night just days earlier. Four people died. A man was saved by another driver-by-shooter in October. A few days ago, a man was seriously wounded by a driver-by shooter as he sat in the car.

In 2021, Seattle, Washington, was the most populous city. The number of drive-by shootings in the city had more than doubled by July compared to the year prior.

It is a problem.

Why then are Washington Democrats introducing a bill in the state legislature to reduce the penalties for drive-by shootings? There’s wake and there’s stupid. Washington state Democrats want to be the most stupid, God bless them.

Washington law currently states that a drive-by-shooter should be granted an aggravated enhanced if he’s arrested and tried. But that’s a very small if. An enhancement like this could result in a driver-by-murder receiving a life sentence.

However, a bill that was proposed by Tarra Simmons, ex-con state Rep., and David Hackney for the Washington state legislature is a move towards “racial equality.” This is because drive-by shooting prosecution outcomes are racially biased. It doesn’t matter that black and brown people are the most vulnerable to drive-by shootings.

KIRO-TV News reported in July, that “80%” of King County’s shooting victims are people of color. However, the city used its “defund police” dollars to fund an effort to hire social workers under a “regional peacekeepers collective.” Another $140 million was earmarked by the city for “groups that work with BIPOC safety.”

That’s great!

Safety for “BIPOC”, (black, Indigenous and people of color) is so good that Democrat legislators believe people of color, who are most often the victims of these drive-by crimes, should have even less security and safety from the laws designed to punish these murderers.

According to the hierarchy of needs of the woke industry, the system must be more racist in order to eradicate racism. This may mean that more black and brown people are killed because it’s less racist than being in prison. Capisce? Good.

Most of these drive-bys come from hardened gang members, let’s face the facts. Why would Democrats choose to protect the thugs rather than the victims?

Even worse, retroactivity would be a part of the bill. This means that all drive-by criminals already in prison would be released early, making small rocks from big rocks.

In an email blast, Gina Mosbrucker, a Republican from the House Public Safety Committee, laments that violent crime is increasing in her community. She says that “this horrific crime is occurring more and more throughout our state, taking the lives of innocent victims and destroying their families and leaving neighborhoods in fear.” Even more alarming is the fact that “this bill would take away an important tool from prosecutors.” It would also reopen previous convictions so that violent criminals could have their sentences reduced.” HB-1692 would require all cases from the past to be resentenced.

Simmons explained to KTTH Radio host Jason Rahntz that most drive-bys are conducted by gangs and that it is clear that this aggravated classification was intended for gangs that are predominantly young and Black. She called it “systemic racism.”

It could be a sign that someone is doing the shooting. But, hey, I’m no woke white ex-con making laws for the state of Washington.

The second week in January is the legislative session. This one will be closely watched.