Photo Essay: MAGA America’s Closing Message For 2020

E. Vucci/AP, K. Yucel, M. Ngan, J. Raedle, R. Del Rio, B. Smialowski/Getty

MAGA America closed out the 2020 campaign with rallies, boat parades, car parades, street parties, and even a Trump-sized Hollywood sign. This is their closing argument to America.

Rochester, Minnesota, Trump Rally on 10/30
President Trump intended to hold a large rally in Rochester, Minnesota, but the state’s Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison limited the gathering to 250. Trump held the rally despite the restrictions.

“Your far-left Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison and your Democrat governor tried to shut down our rally, silence the people of Minnesota, and take away your freedom and your rights. They thought we would cancel—a word they are very familiar with, cancel culture–but I said no way. I will never abandon the people of Minnesota,” Trump told the rally crowd.

California MAGA supporters installed a Trump version of the iconic Hollywood Sign in the pass along the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles.

Thousands also gathered for a boat parade in Lake Murray, South Carolina

Florida has become the home of the Trump boat parades, and the Sunshine State ended the election season with a final big splash.

Trump Trains and Street Parties

Trump supporters in Southern California regularly met up in Beverly Hills, CA, for impromptu rallies and street parties on the weekends leading up to Election Day. The rallies on Saturday and Sunday were among their largest.

Traverse City, Michigan, Trump Rally on 11/2

Thousands of MAGA supporters from the cherry capital of the world — Traverse City, Michigan — greeted President Trump for a rally, as a bright red Autumn sunset lit up the sky over the Great Lakes from Michigan to Wisconsin.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, Trump Rally on 11/2

The city of Kenosha, which had been rocked last summer by riots following a police shooting, was the last Wisconsin stop for Trump’s 2020 campaign. He was greeted by thousands of MAGA supporters from the Badger State.

Author : Rebecca Mansour

Source : Breitbart : Photo Essay: MAGA America’s Closing Message for 2020