Police Department Removes ‘Thin Blue Line’ Symbol From Patrol Cars For Being ‘Diverse’

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A police department in Oregon removed a “thin blue line” symbol from its patrol cars because the image has become “divisive.”

“The divisive use of the thin blue line symbol to fit a narrative unassociated with our department or what we stand for, has unintentionally created an ongoing divide between some members of our community and the police officers who serve them,” the police department in Bend, Oregon, posted to Facebook.


The intent of the blue line with the black background is, of course, for current law enforcement is the memorial, the ultimate sacrifice of giving your life and service of your community,” Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz said.

“Some community members view it as an important piece on our cars, others view it as a barrier between the police and the community, so it’s my role to evaluate that and look at how we can best serve the entire community,” Krantz added.

He decided to remove the symbol earlier in September, following months of protests and riots sparked by the death of George Floyd and other black Americans who have died during interactions with police.

One Bend resident, Mikki Slaska, said that it makes sense the department removed the symbol amid the current political climate.

“Even if the symbol has been around longer than these protests have gone on, I think it’s been picked up by people for a different reason, and that seems like why they would take it away,” Slaska said. “Because it no longer stands for what it used to.”

The department is working on a new design to roll out on its patrol cars, and hopes to incorporate a way to honor first responders who have died while doing their jobs.

Author : Emma Colton

Source : Washington Examiner : Oregon police department removes ‘thin blue line’ symbol from patrol cars for being ‘divisive’