Police Station Arsonist In Police Custody

Kerem Yucel/AFP/Getty Images

A Fox affiliate source says 22-year-old Dylan Robinson has been arrested on Sunday for the alleged burning of a Minneapolis police station.

Dylan Robinson was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals and the ATF in Breckenridge, Colorado, in the parking lot of a local recreation center. The Breckenridge Police Department said they did not know why Robinson was there or how long he had been in Colorado.

Robinson has been connected to a May 28 fire started during protests sparked by the alleged murder of George Floyd by Officer Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). The fire destroyed the 3rd precinct building of the MPD.

Robinson’s is not the only arrest in connection with the fire. 23-year-old Branden Michael Wolfe has been charged with aiding and abetting arson in relation to the same fire. Wolfe admitted to being inside the building, stealing property, and stoking the fire with a wooden barrel. Officers searched his residence and found a “riot helmet, 9mm pistol magazine, police radio, and police issue overdose kit.”

The ATF has offered a $70,000 reward for information about any other suspects related to the fire.

Author : Nate Church

Source : Breitbart : Man Accused of Burning Down Minneapolis Police Station Arrested