President Trump Won 7 Biden States In 2020

President Donald Trump speaks during the Rally To Protect Our Elections conference in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Election analyst Seth Keshel discovered at least 8.1 million fraudulent votes nationwide cast for Joe Biden last November. On Monday, Keshel explained how he compared purported election results with voter registration data and demographic trends.

The Intelligence analyst went on to claim the numbers in many states and counties didn’t add up. Keshel said his research has shown Trump apparently won in seven swing states including Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

“You have people showing up in a drive through voting lane with 15 IDs and here come 15 ballots. Same guy fills all ballots out,” he explained. “…You have these massive unexplainable gains that conflict with your other trends across the nation.”

Keshel went on to say Trump also won by the number of clean votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona. He also asserted elections in California, New York and Virginia were mired in so much fraud, it would be impossible to tell who won there.

Author : OAN Newsroom

Source : Oann : Intel Analyst: President Trump Won 7 ‘Biden’ States In 2020