Prosecutor From Rittenhouse Case Wants Public To Know He Is Not Gay


In an email exchange with the Supreme Court of Wisconsin James Kraus, who was part of the prosecution team for the Kyle Rittenhouse trial case, stated that he and Thomas Binger were not– I repeat: NOT–having homosexual affairs.

Kenosha District Attorney’s Office does not like Kevin Mathewson, a local investigator, digging into their cases. Mathewson is not just a private investigator, but also runs a local website called the Kenosha County Eye which reports on Kenosha’s local news. Mathewson, a former alderman of Kenosha’s city council, is still very active in local politics and focuses on corruption. Judge Schroeder accused Thomas Binger, Kenosha Assistant District Attorney, and Kraus of engaging in misconduct on multiple occasions during the high-profile trial. They, Kraus, and Binger are no strangers to criticism. This should not be based on their behavior in court.

This article outlined Nathan DeBruin, witness and photographer, claiming that Binger attempted to convince him to change his testimony. Later, DeBruin would tell the same story from the stand. Mathewson was present at Rittenhouse’s trial and said that Kraus was hostile and rude to him. He often called him a “gossip blog” and is biased against the District Attorney.

While DeBruin was being interrogated, Kraus launched into a tirade against Mathewson’s website. It is clear that Kraus does not like Mathewson. He doesn’t like being publicly criticized in his role as the public prosecutor, which is too bad for him but protected by the First Amendment.

Mathewson filed a lawsuit claiming that Kraus had engaged in unethical behavior, naming his website in court, and making disparaging remarks about him and his work. He was sent a long response, which included Kraus’ email. Kraus made some surprising claims and doesn’t seem to be able to explain the Streisand Effect. Straus made Kenosha County Eye more relevant by complaining about Mathewson’s website. Kraus’s story of Mathewson and him in court is very entertaining.

Kraus apparently was annoyed that the Internet began calling him “Fatlock”, “Lunchbox” etc. He also blamed Mathewson, who shared these memes. Mathewson said to PJ Media that he has never accused Kraus or Binger of being homosexuals. Mathewson also noted that he is an award-winning wedding photographer. He said that Kraus’s admission of insult regarding his photography business was “defaming.” “I am a very successful wedding photographer, but I only work part-time.”

It is also troubling that Kraus acknowledged that District Attorney Michael Graveley made disparaging remarks about Mathewson’s mental instability to his staff. PJ Media reviewed the emails and discovered that Graveley was actually trying to persuade Mathewson about his mental state instead of providing the documents Mathewson requested. Graveley was a mean-spirited high school girl when she replied to Mathewson’s email asking for documents in the public sphere that were related to Kraus. Graveley didn’t deny Mathewson’s request in a professional manner. Instead, Graveley complained about Mathewson receiving emails and accused him of being mentally ill. Graveley responded to the request for documents by writing, “I’m concerned regarding your mental stability and ask you to reconsider whether this may be a problem.”

Mathewson denied that he had any mental health problems and stated that he resents how the DA uses the charge against members of the public as a weapon against Graveley’s Freedom of Information Act. Mathewson responded to Graveley by writing, “As far as mental health is concerned, it’s a serious problem in this country. You shouldn’t joke about it.” He added, “I can email to you anytime I want to, especially when we’re opposing one another in court action.”

The Supreme Court Office of Lawyer Regulation has decided not to be involved in the Mathewson-Kraus dispute. “While it is obvious that Atty. “While Kraus refers to you as a “failed wedding photographer”, it doesn’t rise to the level ethical misconduct under Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules,” they wrote dismissing the claim.

Mathewson doesn’t seem to be discouraged despite this setback. Mathewson said, “I’m glad that the world has gotten a front-row seat to the crap-show called Kenosha DA’s office.”