Public Trusts Trump More Than National Media On Coronavirus


No institution in a poll by far-left CBS News is trusted less on the coronavirus than the national media.

What must be especially demoralizing for the fake media is that despite months and months and months of the media spending billions of corporate dollars to undermine the public’s trust in President Trump on the issue of the China Virus, more people trust him than them.

In March, Trump and the national media were pretty much tied. A full 46 percent trusted Trump, while 45 percent trusted the media.

Since March, trust in the media has plummeted to 35 percent, while Trump dropped to just 40 percent.

Compared to everyone, Trump has held on much better over the last five months.

In March 86 percent said they trusted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and 69 percent said they trusted their own governors. Those numbers have collapsed to 54 and 55 percent, respectively.

I don’t think there’s any question as to why this is… Come on, we all know it’s the “exception,” the double standard created for the Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists.

After keeping healthy Americans quarantined for the first time in recorded history (that I’m aware of), after terrorizing us into masks, shaming us into shuttering our businesses, scaring us into not attending funerals, badgering us to not gather in any meaningful way… All of a sudden it is perfectly safe for Antifa and Black Lives Matter to gather in massive groups.

It’s not safe for anyone else to gather in massive groups, but because the apparent cure for the coronavirus is rioting, looting, arson, murder, mayhem, marauding, and any other form of domestic terrorism these over-privileged thugs can come up with, all of a sudden our national media, Democrat governors, and health “professionals” are all, Yeah it’s, like, totally cool to gather in large groups ‘n stuff. Just be sure you’re committing violent crimes. The coronavirus doesn’t like violent crime.

Oh, and that Fauci guy is immune too.

And Queen Pelosi.

But you You YOU must close your business and go bankrupt and keep your kids out of school and never leave your apartment and lose everything you’ve worked for because you You YOU are a serial killer if you don’t wear a mask alone in your car or attend your mother’s funeral.

Only a fool would trust these people, would trust any American institution anymore. The entire system is rigged and rotten and so corrupt it boggles the mind.

Author : John Nolte

Source : Breitbart : Nolte: Public Trusts Trump More than National Media on Coronavirus