Rand Paul: I’m Sending Hunter Biden Report To DOJ For Criminal Referral

Ian HanchettSeptember 25, 20202min
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On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stated that he will send the preliminary report on Hunter Biden’s business dealings to the Department of Justice and ask for a criminal referral.

Paul said, “I think riding on Air Force Two and doing business is illegal. I think that is against the law, and probably a felony. I think it’s illegal to take money from a Russian politician’s wife, $3.5 million. Was it reported accurately? I think the only way to determine the actual legality of this is to have it referred to the Department of Justice. So, I’m going to send the report over. I don’t know if the whole committee will vote for it, but I’m sending the report, tomorrow, to the Department of Justice, and we’re asking for a criminal referral.”

Author : Ian Hanchett

Source : Breitbart : Rand Paul: I’m Sending Hunter Biden Report to DOJ for Criminal Referral