Riots Tell A Tale Of Two Parties


Many of America’s major cities have a problem. Everywhere you look are pictures of American cities ablaze accompanied by the voice of a local politician explaining why it is President Trump’s fault.

Catchphrases such as “This is Trump’s America” are spreading just as fast as the riots themselves. Yet somehow, it seems that America is at its most chaotic, its most anarchic, and its most dangerous wherever Trump and his supporters are the most absent.

The map of the United States tells the tale of two parties: Where are the riots? In major cities such as Jacksonville, San Diego, or Oklahoma City, governed by Republican mayors? No.

Did protests turn into riots in places such as Charleston, Salt Lake City, or Houston, all of which are governed by Democratic mayors but Republican governors? No again.

cities, too, are part of Trump’s America. In fact, one could argue the greatest predictor of violent unrest is long-term Democratic governance. Cities such as Portland, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Seattle do not just lean Democratic — they are effectively one-party systems. The last time Portland had a Republican mayor was 40 years ago; Milwaukee 114 years ago; Chicago 89 years ago; and Seattle 56 years ago.

Local laws matter. Local governance matters. Local policies matter. It matters when the Minneapolis City Council defunds the police. It matters when the city of Seattle eliminates 100 police officers and shuns the Department of Homeland Security. It matters when Washington, D.C.’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, dismisses the National Guard and allows mobs to rule the streets.

This is personal to me. My wife was forced to seek a police escort just to make it safely home from the White House to her hotel in Washington.

In each city, elected officials have nurtured the power vacuum that attracts and cultivates anarchism. The results are unconscionable. New York City has seen over a 100% increase in daytime shootings, and Philadelphia has seen roughly 30% more homicides this year over 2019. In fact, 69 of our major cities have seen homicides rise at least 20% this year.

I support the public’s practice of their First Amendment right to assemble, but let us not confuse these violent actions with peaceful protests. When liberal officials refuse to condemn the rioting criminals, they enable them. A maxim attributed to Lenin, an icon among black bloc agitators, goes: “Probe with bayonets — If you encounter mush, proceed; if you encounter steel, withdraw.” In Republican cities, rioters have been met with steel; in Democratic cities with mush. The contrast is undeniable and stark.

Public safety is the foundation of a free society. As Ronald Reagan observed, government’s first duty is to protect its people. In Trump’s America, local officials have been offered the full measure of support available by the president. But in Trump’s America, Democrat officials have been too proud to deny it — and local residents have paid the price.

Around the country, citizens are faced with the dilemma of whether they can continue to live in a local society where party is more important than public safety. It does not have to be this way, and it is time people take a stand and demand more from their local officials than excuses.

The lessons of Republican cities are visible for all to see: protect the officers that are laying their lives on the line, denounce, arrest, and prosecute people who break the law. Law and order must be restored to our streets. And remember: If Democrats refuse to govern, perhaps it’s time for a change in local leadership. Maybe it’s time to give Republicans a chance.

Author : Rep. Ralph Norman

Source : Washington Examiner : Riots tell a tale of two parties