Rittenhouse Judge Receives Death Threats For Him & His Family


Kyle Rittenhouse is currently on trial for claims that he’s a dangerously violent psychopath and white supremacist. However, many people want him to be locked up as a threat to society.

According to the Daily Mail, Judge Bruce Schroeder received numerous death threats and even death wishes for his children. The Mail reported that it had reviewed hundreds of offensive communications sent to Schroeder. Some contained basic insults and accusations, others went much deeper.

Another threat was that Schroeders’ term as a judge would be his last.

Judge, enjoy your term. It’s going to end in your LAST. I will spit in your face if I ever get to meet you in person. The letter states, “You’re disgusting.”

Schroeder has admitted to the “thousands” of communications he received during the trial. Although most emails were sent anonymously or under pseudonyms and many others were not, some did use their real names like the one that threatened to spit on his face.

Schroeder said that he would deal with them, saying, “I wouldn’t want to be such people.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Although death threats against public figures are quite common, it is important to not overlook the hypocrisy displayed by those who claim Rittenhouse is the victim. Schroeder’s opinions and how he supervised the trial are irrelevant. His children have nothing to do and should not be invoked.

However, this is irrelevant to a mob. The mob who wants Rittenhouse to be charged and imprisoned for good will ignore any logic. For example, Rittenhouse has never acted in self-defense against other violent criminals. One of them has a history of sexual assault of a minor.

They openly refer to these criminals as “heroes”, while Rittenhouse is a dangerous white supremacist, and they hope Rittenhouse’s children will meet a horrible end.