Ronna McDaniel: Jacksonville RNC Will Put The Perfect Blend Of Safety And Health Together

An aerial view of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio (Fox News).

President Trump will get his message out to the American electorate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic despite restrictive tactics by Democratic governors, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel assured Saturday.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” McDaniel told host Jedediah Bila that the now-scaled back Republican National Convention in August will be held responsibly, working in conjunction with Jacksonville and Florida State health officials.

So, we’re going to have a combination of testing and temperature checks and PPE, scaling things down, using more outdoor venues, and really putting the health and safety of the convention-goers first and foremost,” she said. “But, also balancing that with a great celebration.

Because there will be a lot of people there — even with just the delegates that’s 2,500. The final night it will be the delegates, alternates, guests. It will be a big event for the president’s final speech,” McDaniel pointed out. “So, we think we’re putting the perfect blend of safety and health together with the opportunity to highlight why President Trump deserves another four years.”

However, cases in the state continue to climb. According to Florida’s Department of Health, the Sunshine State added over 11,400 new cases to its tally of more than 327,000 on Friday, as well as 128 deaths — the third-highest single-day jump on record — bringing the death toll to 4,805.

Jacksonville was not the president’s first choice for the four-day event, but Republicans could not reach an agreement with North Carolina’s Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, who had insisted on a scaled-back convention in Charlotte.

Governors have been at the forefront of the pandemic as the president delegated responsibility to states. However, the administration has been very much at odds with Democratic leaders over the past few months — especially as nationwide protests kicked off over the death of George Floyd.

“Well, I think the president has been able to get out through some of his official events and talking to the American people on that front. But, there [are] absolutely Democrat governors right now who are shutting down freedom of speech and I think will extend these orders to make sure the president can’t come into their state and do rallies,” McDaniel said.

And, I think that’s the unfortunate part of it because you’ve seen them support protests and these large groups outside. But then, when the president says ‘I want to come to a rally’ – especially in my state of Michigan – the governor says, ‘absolutely not. He can’t come to a rally,'” she noted.

“So, that is the concern I have is we are heading into a campaign. We should be able to hear from these candidates. They should be able to talk to voters in their states. And, I hope but we’re not seeing this from Democrat governors that they would allow the president to come in,” said McDaniel

But, that’s not going to stop him. He’s going to get his message out and we are seeing that through the enthusiasm in our volunteers, our sign-ups, our voter registration, and our fundraising,” she concluded.

Author : Julia Musto

Source : Fox News : Ronna McDaniel: Jacksonville RNC will put ‘the perfect blend of safety and health together