Rudy Giuliani Says He Sent Alleged Sexually Explicit Materials Involving Underage Girls From Hunters Laptop To Delaware Police


Rudy Giuliani said on Tuesday that he shared alleged sexually explicit materials involving underage girls from Hunter Biden with police in Delaware.

The text messages and photos discussed by Giuliani, a personal lawyer to President Trump and former New York City mayor, appear to have been found in a laptop hard drive that purportedly belonged to the 50-year-old son of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is now the Democratic presidential nominee. Those computer materials are already in the possession of the FBI, the Washington Examiner has confirmed.

“There’s a text message to [Hunter’s] father in which he says the following, and he’s discussing his sister-in-law, who, for quite some time, was his lover,” Giuliani told Newsmax, setting up the background of the exchange. “He says, ‘She told my therapist that I was sexually inappropriate.’ This would be with an unnamed, 14-year-old girl.”

The text messages, shown on the screen with some parts blacked out as Giuliani continued to read from them, said Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law went on to say that he was being “sexually inappropriate with [redacted] when she says that I face time [sic] naked with her and the reason I can’t have her out to see me is because I’ll walk around naked smoking crack talijing [sic] [redacted] girls on face time [sic]. When she was pressed she said that [redacted] never said anything like that but the bottom line is that I create and caused [a] very unsafe environment for the kids … If it stopped there I would let it go … But then [redacted] friend [redacted] sober coach.”

The “sister-in-law” to which Giuliani referred appears to be Hallie Biden, the widow of Hunter’s brother Beau, with whom Hunter Biden had a romantic relationship for a time until reportedly the spring of last year.

Giuliani said the texts he read were “supported by numerous pictures of underage girls” but did not get into what they showed. The former mayor also didn’t provide an exact date for when the messages were sent, but at one point suggested it was around three years ago.

Author : Daniel Chaitin

Source : Washington Examiner : materials involving underage girls from Hunter Biden to Delaware police