Running List Of How Biden Is Misinforming His Supporters

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Former Vice President Joe Biden wants Facebook to target what he says is President Trump’s misinformation ahead of the 2020 election, but Biden has repeatedly misled his supporters on the campaign trail.

Biden’s false claims include suggesting that Trump owed China millions of dollars and suggesting that Trump called the pandemic a “hoax.” Biden also falsely claimed that he was arrested in South Africa in the 1970s.

Biden’s demands are coming as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces widespread criticism for not doing enough to censor the president’s comments about protests on the platform.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is pushing Facebook to strengthen rules regarding election-year misinformation on the platform even as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee distributes misinformation about COVID-19 and President Donald Trump.

Facebook’s inability to police political misinformation and disinformation “corrodes our democracy” and allows the president “to say anything,” Biden wrote in a letter to the Silicon Valley giant Thursday. The former vice president asked his Twitter followers to sign the letter in an attempt to pressure Facebook into acting before the November election.

Folks, we saw in 2016 what can happen when social media platforms are left unchecked and allow disinformation to run rampant. It puts the very integrity of our elections at risk,” Biden wrote in a tweet Thursday. “We simply cannot let it happen again in 2020.”

Biden and other Democrats criticized Facebook after CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to remove or flag a Trump post in May referencing looting and “THUGS.” (RELATED: Biden Asks Supporters To Help Him ‘Fix Facebook To Protect Democracy And Beat Trump’)

An illustration picture shows a person posing during a photo session showing the social platform Facebook logo reflected in the pupil of an eye on April 25, 2018, in Paris. (Photo by Christophe SIMON / AFP) (Photo credit should read CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP via Getty Images)

Trump’s post was in reference to protests against the death of George Floyd, a black man who died May 25 after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, video of the incident showed. Zuckerberg reportedly defended the decision as an adherence to free speech principles.

Since 2016, Facebook has created an independent oversight body, wherein the company’s platform can impartially protect free speech and create an arbitration system. The body is made up of a bipartisan crew of conservative and liberal judges to help determine whether specific comments, posts or links comply with Facebook’s terms of service.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone dismissed Biden’s open letter, telling the Daily Caller News Foundation that, “[t]here is an election coming in November and we will protect political speech, even when we strongly disagree with it.” Zuckerberg reportedly defended the decision as adhering to free speech principles.

Biden has misinformed his supporters and voters repeatedly on the campaign trail. Here are seven times the former vice president made false claims about the coronavirus pandemic, Trump, and other election-related issues.

Author: Chris White

Source :Daily Caller : Joe Biden Wages War On Election-Year Misinformation. Here Are 7 Times He Misinformed His Supporters