Rush: Don’t You Dare Give Dems. A Hearing On SCOTUS Pick, Not After Kavanaugh


Conservative host Rush Limbaugh urged the GOP to bypass a Judiciary Committee hearing on President Donald Trump’s forthcoming nominee to the Supreme Court during his broadcast Monday, underscoring Democrats’ maligning of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“The 2016 election is what this nomination is about. Not the 2020 election, both in terms of timeline, legalities, and common sense, the 2020 election has nothing to do with this Supreme Court opening,” Limbaugh explained on Monday, countering left-wing arguments that Trump should hold off on a nominee until after the 2020 election.

“I want the Judiciary Committee — I think it’d be great if it were skipped,” he said of potential hearings. “We don’t need to open that up for whatever length of time so that whoever this nominee is can be Kavanaughed or Borked or Thomased. Because that’s what it’s gonna be, especially when it’s not even required.”

Limbaugh was referring to the treatment of Kavanaugh, Judge Robert Bork, and Justice Clarence Thomas.

The host argued that such hearings would also hurt Republicans on the Judiciary Committee who need to be out campaigning, not deflecting “leftist attempts to distort the nominee’s junior high school yearbook.

In addition, there are people on the Judiciary Committee who need to be out campaigning in October, not trying to deflect leftist attempts to distort the nominee’s junior high school yearbook,” he said. “And when the vote count is assured, Mitch McConnell needs to take it straight to the floor of the Senate and have the vote.”

“When the vote count is assured, go straight to the floor for a vote,” Limbaugh urged.

“You know why? That protects senators from being all-out attacked by the Democrat mobs. It stops a whole bunch of that. We don’t want to give Kamala Harris the opportunity to grandstand in that committee as a vice presidential running mate of Plugs.”

Later in the show, Limbaugh highlighted Kavanaugh’s treatment in particular, who was accused of attempted rape at a house party that allegedly took place decades ago. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Kavanaugh, asked to remain anonymous, but was outed by Democrats. She revealed during the hearings that she did not remember exactly where or when the alleged attempted assault took place, nor was there any corroboration. Kavanaugh was later cleared of the accusation by the committee and confirmed to the bench.

“All bets should be off as far as what senators have said and the ones who say they’re not gonna vote,” one caller told Limbaugh. “After what they put us through with Kavanaugh, this whole country through, it’s a disgrace for those who are not gonna vote.”

“I think that’s exactly — folks, after what the Democrats put this country through, there is no way they should be offered any semblance of deference,” the host reacted. “I’m not saying that this whole thing doesn’t need to happen fairly or with fairness, but we don’t need to defer to these people’s wishes or demands. They attempted to destroy not just a nomination, they tried to destroy the nominee’s life, his character, his future, his family.”

They spared nothing as they attempted with a series of lies stacked on other lies, they attempted to literally destroy Brett Kavanaugh. There is no way they are owed any deference whatsoever,” Limbaugh said of the Democrats.

Similarly, Limbaugh said earlier in the show that Democrats have credibly threatened to “burn down the country,” noting that “they do not deserve to be anywhere near the levers of power as currently constituted”:

Democrats sigh that if the Republicans follow the Constitution they’re gonna burn down the country. I’ve got the tweets. The Democrats are tweeting they’re gonna burn it all down. They are not going to save anything.

Now, obviously we have to allow for some fevered emotional overreaction here. But they’re already demonstrating that they are more than capable of burning down businesses and other people’s property. So it’s not an idle threat. The Democrat Party is a destructive, hateful, selfish political party, and they do not deserve to be anywhere near the levers of power as currently constituted.

Author : Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source : Daily Wire : Rush Limbaugh: Don’t You Dare Give Democrats A Hearing On SCOTUS Pick, Not After Kavanaugh Fiasco