Sacramento County Declares Racism A Public Health Emergency


Sacramento County approved a resolution to declare racism a public emergency, joining a handful of other local governments in California that have taken up similar measures.

Spearheaded by County Board Chairman Phil Serna, the resolution pledges to promote racial equity and shape local policies that appropriate resources, implement programs, and issue directives that help sustain the goal, according to the county website.

“Sacramento County is one of the nation’s most diverse communities, and as such, all its citizens should have the opportunity to live their lives free from systemic racism,” Serna said.

Moments of the debate around the resolution became contentious, particularly when the director of the Department of Health Services referred to members of the Asian American community as “yellow folks.”

Sue Frost was the sole opponent to the resolution, which passed 4-1 according to the Sacramento Bee. She said she felt the promises put forth by the resolution seem unrealistic given the budget restraints the county is already facing. In a Facebook post, Frost also wrote that she felt the move was part of a broader agenda to implement cuts to local police.

“To me, the resolution was a thinly veiled attempt to yet again reduce funding to law enforcement,” Frost said. “As many people are aware, reducing funding to law enforcement is not something I and most of my constituents support.”

Several local governments, including Ventura County near Los Angeles and San Bernardino County, approved similar propositions this year following multiple high-profile incidents of black people being killed in the hands of police or being the subject of excess force, leading to nationwide protests all summer.

Author : Mica Soellner

Source : Washington Examiner : Sacramento County declares racism a public health emergency