Sanders, AOC Push Back After Biden Voices Support For Israel


There is a growing schism in the Democratic Party over the U.S. relationship with Israel as some progressive lawmakers demand that President Biden take a tougher stance against the Israeli government amid an increasingly aggressive confrontation with Palestinian groups.

The divide comes amid the worst violence between Israel and Palestinians since the devastating 2014 war in Gaza. The outbreak began in east Jerusalem when Palestinian protests and clashes with police broke out in response to Israeli police tactics during Ramadan and the threatened eviction of dozens of Palestinian families by Jewish settlers.

Biden condemned the violence and asserted Israel’s right to defend itself, eliciting a swift backlash from some members of his own party who wanted the president to address what they viewed as human rights violations by Israeli forces in Gaza.

But progressives weren’t happy about Biden’s reaction.

“This is happening with the support of the United States,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Saturday, tweeting a video of Israel bombing, and destroying, a building that housed media organizations including Al Jazeera and The Associated Press. (Israel contended the buildings contained Hamas cells).

GOP governors say they learned about mask reversal from media, not Biden WH

Republican governors are blasting the Biden administration, claiming it didn’t directly inform them about new federal guidance on face masks.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said he found out about the new guidance – declaring it safe for most fully vaccinated Americans to stop wearing masks and end social distancing practices – through news reports, not from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or from President Biden’s administration.

In a New York Times op-ed on Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., similarly urged the White House to speak out against the Israeli government’s actions, arguing that U.S. involvement is vital to de-escalation.

“I found out about it in the news, just like the general public did,” Ricketts told Fox News in an exclusive interview.

Ricketts compared the lack of communication over the new mask guidance to the confusion surrounding the CDC’s decision to abruptly pause jabs of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after reports that the vaccine may have resulted in blood clots for a small group of recipients.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said his office also learned about the announcement through the press.

“Due to the inconsistent, convoluted, and ever changing guidance/messaging from President Biden’s CDC, the confusion from businesses and schools across the country is understandable,” Sununu told Fox News in a statement. “Here in NH, the state fully phased out restrictions a week ago – so we have already provided businesses with maximum flexibility in how they choose to handle the latest guidance from the CDC.”

Outrage after social media users discover series of Hitler-praising tweets from CNN freelancer
CNN is under fire for having hired a writer who posted several times on social media that he believes the world needs another “Hitler.”

Social media users demanded that the network respond after discovering the tweets from one of its freelance contributors, Adeel Raja, who has written dozens of pieces for the outlet.

After some digging, it turned out to be one of several messages Raja has posted praising the Nazi leader.

“The only reason I am supporting Germany in the finals – Hitler was a German and he did good with those Jews!” Raja wrote during the 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. Raja last had a CNN byline on Sept. 16, 2020. He still lists his affiliation with the network on LinkedIn.

“Hail Hitler!” he wrote the following day. Twitter users shared screenshots of the messages

Author : Jack Durschlag

Source : Fox News : Sanders, AOC push back after Biden voices support for Israel