Schiff Issues Ominous Threat To Trump Goons For Ignoring Subpoenas


The Democrats have finally cast off their too-nice-to-play attitude with hardball Republicans. It has been frustrating to watch them pause, turn away, and walk back home in defeat. But viola, they have overcome their reservations about fighting back, and Republicans were stunned to see that they could play ball far better than old Senate Minority Leader Mitch “Grim Reaper” McConnell (R-KY). Check this out.

The former president set the loser standard of ignoring the rules, traditions, and even laws during the one term he was in office. He has been standing outside of the Washington insider circle smudging up the glass with fingerprints and heavy breathing. But he managed to move the GOPers as if they were merely objects on a string. And maybe they have been, but the Dems most certainly set a far different standard.

Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and member of the January 6 Select Committee Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) handed out Donald Trump’s former inner-circle members an unmovable warning. He told the “almost four” subpoenaed Trump people, sure they do not have to testify. But should that occur, they will be facing criminal contempt charges, according to The Politico.

The subpoena recipients were: Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Kashyap Patel, and Dan Scavino. The “almost-four” referred to one of those members disappearing off the face of the Earth, the ex’s former Chief of Staff Dan Scavino. The committee’s investigators have not been able to find and thereby serve him with his subpoena. Technically, that was what would compel him to come in and testify before the Select Committee.

Schiff directed them, show up or face the consequences. Another member of the January 6 Committee, Jamies Raskin (D-MD) is doubling down on the ex-president and company. The subpoenas are not optional, and avoiding the subpoena’s call would result in criminal contempt charges. He said:

There is a new posse in town now, and Trump can no longer help them. Schiff (D-CA) clearly explained to the four banditos this about the warning Raskin handed them in a tweet:

CNBC reported that there were 11 people connected to Trump receiving subpoenas:

Even the ex-president cannot skip this investigation. Otherwise, they will find themselves being frog-marched down to a cozy little room in a basement behind bars.

Play ball.

Author : Gloria Christie

Source : Bipartisan Report : Adam Schiff Directly Threatens Trump Aides For Ignoring Subpoenas