Schools And Lefts Are At War With Parents Like Never Before


January Littlejohn, a stay-at-home mother to three children, went to middle school in September 2020 to pick up her daughter, 13 years old. Littlejohn, a Florida licensed mental health counselor and stay-at-home mother of three children, is also a Florida licensed mental health counselor. Littlejohn was shocked when Littlejohn’s daughter told her that her school administration encouraged her to identify herself as transgender.

Littlejohn’s daughter informed her that school administrators asked her questions about her name and the type of restroom she preferred. She also wanted to know if she would like to share a bed with girls or boys on school trips. The district said that parents would be removed from the loop if the 13-year old consented to it. It also stated that outing students, especially parents can be very harmful to their health and well-being.

To be clear, Littlejohn would have to have called the school to give permission for an Advil to be administered; parents would also have been notified if Littlejohn’s child was suffering from anxiety or depression at school. The school deliberately withheld information about Littlejohn’s daughter, regardless of whether she was a girl or a boy. They also did not mention the associated social transitions that often follow hormone replacement or surgery. Littlejohn was not only ignored by the school but she was also considered an enemy of her child.

This is the mentality that a large portion of the social Left has adopted these days. Florida is currently considering the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which would prohibit primary schools from indoctrinating students on sexual orientation and gender identity. Schools would also be required to inform parents of minors who identify as LGBTQ in school. This should not be controversial. Parents have always had the greatest stake in the lives of their children and will continue to be so. Parents are the ones who must care about their children and not school administrators. It is their choices and values that shape their lives.

This is exactly what the Left hates. The Left views parents as the enemy. The Left claims that forcing schools to disclose information about their children to parents is an act of abuse, despite not having any evidence or allegations. As California Gov. Gavin Newsom stated that telling schools to keep parents informed is nothing less than state-sponsored intimidation against LGBTQ children. It will place children, who already have to deal with stress, in danger of becoming mentally and physically sick.

Instead, the Left wants to teach small children its version of sexual morality, gender identity, and how to behave without parents. It’s that easy. This has an impact. It is intended to have an effect. Gallup reports that only 0.8% of people born before 1946 identify themselves as LGBT. Only 2.6% of those born between 1946-1964 identify as LGBT. However, fully 20% of all persons born between 1997-2003 identify as LGBT. This is not due to evolutionary biology taking a radical turn or adding tolerance for such activities. Our society has made it clear that traditional standards regarding sex and sexual activity have to be challenged. Parents who hold to these standards should be considered a threat to their children, not activists but to the new standard.

Perhaps the new standard is superior to the one we have now. The Left can make this case if they wish. However, the Left cannot hijack children’s minds and use public money to weaponize them against their parents. It’s not. It is cruel for children as well as cruel for parents.