Schumer Says Shortage Of Workers Is Because Trump Cut Off Immigration


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer continued to deflect criticism of the Democratic Party’s insistence on enhanced unemployment benefits Wednesday; instead blaming America’s work shortage on President Trump’s immigration policies.

“There are many reasons that there is a shortage of workers. Some of it is because Trump cut off immigration so severely. We have half the number of immigrants that came in,” said Schumer.

“Some of it is because people need child care and don’t have child care… Some of it is some people don’t want to go back until they’re sure COVID is beaten,” he added.

“Many more people are helped by the $300 extra, and the overwhelming support in our caucus is to keep it,” concluded the Senator.

Watch Schumer’s comments above.

Author : Hannity Staff

Source : Hannity : LIBERAL LOGIC: Schumer Says ‘Shortage of Workers’ is ‘Because Trump Cut Off Immigration’