Scientists Trained A Goldfish To Drive, Yes You Read That Right


Scientists are always mysterious to me. I have only known so few scientists in my lifetime that my mental picture of them is a caricature of a bunch of people wearing lab coats and who think about small creatures.

Wait. Perhaps I am right.

Scientists have found a way to track down the shrimp’s brilliant research on a treadmill study. And it’s quite a feat.

Scientists trained goldfish to drive a car around a room and steer towards fishy treats.

Fish Operated Vehicles are designed to allow the creatures to swim in specific directions from a tank that is mounted on top of a driver’s chair.

The FOV is a pioneering technology that reacts to fish’s movements in water to turn, accelerate and stop.

A team of neuroscientists and biomedical engineers were able to train goldfish to drive the “car” as well as navigate to targets that would reward them with food pellets.

Six fish managed to steer the vehicle successfully across rooms to the targets, avoiding dead ends or decoy targets.

It has always been terrifying to think about betta fish jumping out of their bowls to their death under the bed. We now face the possibility of Goldie getting tripped up while she drives around on a midnight snack cruise.

Don’t worry about robots attacking humans. The brightest and most talented among us will soon be able to create engineering koi that will terrorize us in our sports cars.

When Future Koi has their own robots, we will have reached the peak of dystopia.

Friends, sleep well.