Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Mocks Scared Congressmen Who Hid Under Their Desks

Wayne Dupree

The left is going off the rails with this “we were under enemy fire” theatrics they’re staging over the DC Capitol melee.

There were actually people who were injured and an unarmed female Trump supporter who shot in cold blood.

But leave it to self-centered, filthy-rich, elitist politically motivated politicians to put all the focus on them.

It’s disgusting to watch infold, especially after over 20 people were killed during the BLM “peaceful” protests that went on all summer long, and these same people didn’t say a word.

It’s okay to burn down American businesses. and slaughter innocent people, but God forbid if you scare the political elites. There will be HELL to pay. The entire force of the federal government will come reigning down on you.

This is just more of the ‘Let Them Eat Cake” elitist attitude going on with our current government.

The peasants can get burned in the streets, but how dare you break a window and take selfies inside their sacred and holy chamber.

And no, I’m not condoning “riots,” of any kind. I’m making a valid point.

And trust me, I am not the only one watching this ghastly B-list movie unfold with contempt and disgust.

As a matter of fact, an actual American hero – the former Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden – is watching this stunt and he’s even more disgusted than I am.

Here’s what Mr. O’Neill said: “I’m watching these Congressmen speak. I cannot believe they are in charge… talking about how “scared” they were. Hiding under desks… betas”

President Trump didn’t incite an insurrection – that wasn’t an “insurrection” for crying out loud. It was a bunch of fed-up Americans who are sick and tired of their shitty government, along with some Antifa instigators, and touristy patriots who were invited in by the police. That’s the lamest “insurrection” I’ve ever heard of.

Author : Missy Crane

Source : Wayne Dupree : Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Mocks “Scared” Congressmen Who Hid Under Their Desks