Secret Service Arrests Woman With Loaded Gun Near White House, Claims She Had Letter For Biden


The Secret Service on Saturday arrested a 66-year-old woman on charges that she was carrying a loaded near the White House, Fox News has confirmed.

Police said the woman had the loaded gun in her car, which was parked near the White House. They said she claimed to be carrying a letter for President Joe Biden.

The woman was also accompanied by a man who was carrying a BB gun, police said.

A police report says the suspect was detained around 5:30 p.m. near the Old Ebbitt Grill restaurant on 15 Street NW.

Police said the woman and the man carrying a BB gun approached a checkpoint near the White House complex. The woman reportedly told a law enforcement official at the checkpoint that she wanted to deliver the president a letter.

Author : Bradford Betz

Source : Fox News : Secret Service arrests woman with loaded gun near White House, claims she had letter for Biden