Sen. Rick Scott: We Should Not Have Florida Taxpayers Bailing Out New York

Pam KeyJanuary 19, 20212min

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) said Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief plan that would provide state and local governments with $350 billion in emergency funding bailout was “wrong.”

Senator Chuck Schumer said New York could get $2 billion in FEMA emergency money in Biden’s bill.

Scott said, “This is just payback. This is just Joe Biden saying, ‘Oh Chuck Schumer, you helped me, de Blasio you helped, so here’s $2 billion out of FEMA.’ That has been allocated by Congress. It’s supposed to go for hurricanes and floods and wildfires and other natural disasters. What Biden wants to do is give it to de Blasio and give it to Cuomo and say, ‘Here, let me — I know you can’t live within your means. I know other states have paid for this, but we’re just going to give you some money because we like you.’ I mean, this is wrong. We shouldn’t have Florida taxpayers bailing out New York. New York cannot live within its means. I got elected when Cuomo got elected back in 2010. He’s never lived within his means, and neither does de Blasio. We can not be baling out these states for their prior problems.”

He added, “We have given the states over half a trillion dollars for COVID relief. We should help on COVID relief. I want targeted help for people but to bail out these blue states makes no sense.”

Author : Pam Key

Source : Breitbart : Sen. Rick Scott: ‘We Should Not Have Florida Taxpayers Bailing Out New York’