Senate Votes 100-0 On Amendment Opposing Defunding Of Police


Yesterday a voting marathon took place in the Senate beginning at 2:30pm and ending this morning at 6am. Republicans took advantage of a Senate procedure that allowed them to propose a series of amendments to the budget resolution to force Democrats to take a stand on a series of tough issues.

Among those amendments and the vote counts included:

97-3 to support keeping the U.S. Embassy in Israel in Jerusalem
50-50 on a failed amendment supporting the free exercise of religion
50-50 on a failed amendment opposing the Biden administration’s move to restrict oil and gas leasing on federal lands
50-50 on a failed amendment opposing a federal carbon tax
50-50 on a failed amendment opposing stimulus checks for people in prison
53-47 in favor of an amendment supporting the expansion of health savings accounts
50-50 on a failed amendment to oppose packing the Supreme Court
50-50 on a failed amendment to support the border wall
51-50 in favor of a budget resolution for coronavirus relief allowing the Senate to proceed using budget reconciliation rules (to avoid a GOP filibuster)

With the exception of support for the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, nearly everything was split across party lines with one other exception, an amendment opposing the defunding of police that passed 100-0.

The “defund the police” movement is wildly unpopular among voters. A Rasmussen poll taken in July of last year found that only two in ten support defunding police in their own community.

Author : Matt Palumbo

Source : Bongino : Senate Votes 100-0 on Amendment Opposing Defunding of Police