Send In The Democratic Fools


America’s foreign policy establishment is being pushed back to the forefront as Russia’s incursion in Ukraine continues. As part of this group, President Joe Biden gave a worrisome speech Tuesday in which he used insults to Vladimir Putin as a response.

The national conversation had shifted to talking about Donald Trump, who is not relevant to the current situation, and the House GOP’s assertion that Biden was weak. As evening approached, the hand-wringing about Tucker Carlson’s alleged pro-Putin status began.

Soon, those same people who were wrong about nearly every major foreign policy issue over the past half-century were more concerned in tone-policing that the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine.

It’s hard to think of anything Putin cares more about than the way former officials and commentators in America describe him. As has been the case in the past, however, the most intelligent among us place more importance to virtue-signaling than formulating an effective strategy. It is not the right way to approach the situation. It’s counterproductive to misunderstand or underestimate your adversary.

This is how things look in perspective. While Putin was busy making the foundations for his big move this was what the top minds at the State Department were doing. This is the American foreign policy’s shallow ineptness exposed once more.

This video was the essence of the West’s strategy to counter Russia’s aggression. It’s also the epitome of hashtag diplomacy that we’ve seen so often during the Obama and Biden administrations. Putin may have been playing chess while his biggest critics were content to play checkers. To discuss this reality and to understand its implications for U.S. security, it is necessary to accept accusations of treason.

However, that’s unlikely to be the case. No lessons have been learned by our foreign policy superiors from their abject failures, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or elsewhere. Instead, they believe that Putin and other despots care little about their minorities and condemnations. While they ignore actions that could help to change the status quo, Imagine how much more effective it would be to increase Western energy production in order to hurt Russian leverage than calling Putin a doo-head on Twitter.

Is it possible that any of our supposed brilliant foreign policy experts might suggest this? No. Instead, Trump and Tucker Carlson should be the priority. It is as if domestic problems can be solved by whining about Tucker Carlson. It is an authoritarian idea that one cannot speak with nuance about geopolitical matters without being called a traitor.

This should serve as yet another reminder of just how unqualified and mediocre Washington’s smart set is. The average American is not aware of the fact that a group of people has never been given more to produce less. They are tired of seeing the same people they have lost over the years trying to dictate what the country should do and what it can say.

That was Tucker Carlson’s criticism that caused so much confusion. He asked people to question why they hate Vladimir Putin. This was not an invitation to love him or to like him. It was an invitation to think critically about your own motivations and not just follow the dictates of the well-informed. What did they do to achieve such power?