Several People Shot in Brooklyn Subway: Possible Undetonated Device


At least 13 people have been injured. According to the video/tweet below, the suspect was at the platform at 24th Street and started shooting when the doors opened. The train continued to 36th Street, where the injured were then allowed to exit.

Update: The suspect is believed to be wearing a gas mask, and is on the run.

Reports also suggest that there was an explosion and several people were shot in the subway system of Brooklyn, New York.

Some evidence suggests that the explosion was a “smoke bomb.”

Around 8:30 a.m., it broke out on the 36th and 4th Avenues during rush hour.

NY Post: Clair, a straphanger, witnessed the incident while riding the Manhattan-bound N Train. She told The Post that there were so many rounds she “lost track.” “There were like, many of them. She said that she didn’t know the exact number.”

She claimed she saw the man drop “some type of cylinder that sparked at the top” — described as a black man who stood 5 feet 5, weighed 170 pounds, and was wearing an orange vest with a gas mask.

Media also claims that multiple undetonated devices have been found.

Social media has shown graphic photos of bloody subway platforms and injured people. However, it is still unknown how many victims were hurt in an explosion or mass shooting, officials from police said.

The NYPD bomb squad is present on the scene to investigate.

According to a spokesperson for the FDNY, multiple undetonated devices had been found.

Sources said that the suspect was likely to be wearing a type of construction clothing similar to one worn by MTA workers.