Should We Listen to Psaki and Push Renewable Energy, or Increase Oil Production In The U.S.?


Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stated that the United States should reduce its dependence on foreign oil and move to renewable energy.

In an interview with ABC This Week Sunday, Psaki stated that we must lessen our dependence upon foreign oil by switching over to renewable energy.

Psaki’s remarks come from amid growing fears that energy prices may continue to rise due to Russia’s ongoing war with Ukraine.

This dependence has also limited the international response to Russia’s invasion. As it was feared that sanctions might cause European energy prices to soar, they weren’t intended to be used against Russian fuel exports.

These comments were made by the Biden administration after it began delaying decisions about new oil-and-gas leases after a federal judge prohibited it from using higher climate cost estimates to regulate polluting areas.

The ruling is a result of President Biden’s decision, on his first day in office, to increase the climate cost estimate from $7 to $51 per ton of CO2 emissions.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden has been under pressure to reduce domestic oil production, with Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, arguing such a move would help the U.S. “regain our dominance on the world stage.”

“The Permian Basin is the most prolific production area in the entire world,” Pfluger said last week. “We must unleash and innovate to make sure the production continues to be strong, so we regain our dominance on the world stage in the oil and gas we supply, not only for our domestic needs but also our partners and allies so that they’re not dependent on maligned actors like Russia and China.”

Forbes reported recently that Russia is America’s largest importer of gasoline and other refined petroleum products. China is the largest source of lithium, which is used in recharge batteries for phones and cars.