Should We Rely On Herd Immunity Yet?


The headline of this column, “Herd Immunity Now!” This column’s headline, “Herd Immunity Now!” is ridiculous. “Impeach Vice President Now!” 

What if there was a different ideology? Would they create policies that would provide a reasonable level for herd immunity against COVID-19, its variants, and send it down to the states? They would be worth the risk and benefits of a radical shift from the way we have dealt with coronavirus in past years.

The virus can be complex and the public is not aware of many details. How does this affect immunity development?

Experts recommend getting vaccinated even if you are immune to the coronavirus. Experts recommend that you get vaccinated even if your coronavirus infection has passed.

It’s a new but not necessarily fatal disease that the Chinese may be unleashing on the world through Anthony “Gain Of Function” Fauci’s NIH.

It is hard to deny the devastating effects this virus has had on humanity. The unknowns are still growing.

Understanding epidemics reveals one of the most significant characteristics of infected microorganisms is their inability to kill their host. As it spreads, it becomes less deadly.

This whole thing has a political component. Since the outbreak of the plague, this has been a constant topic. There has been much debate about the tactics used by Democrats to try to use the crisis to control the population and possibly steal an election.

However, this is not true. It’s not about whether legislation should be repealed. Let God and the natural world do their work, and COVID-19 might not be more dangerous than the common flu.

Can a motivated Republican Party bring widespread immunity to the masses if they are motivated? Or would that require someone who is currently living at Mar-a-Lago?

Which one would you choose? It can’t go on forever.

Want to improve herd immunity?