Six West Point Cadets Overdose on Fentanyl During Spring Break


Six West Point cadets were admitted to the hospital following what appeared to have been a massive accidental overdose of fentanyl on Thursday. Two of the six West Point cadets were still in critical condition and were on ventilators. One was stable, one was good, and one was released.

They were part of a larger group that rented a house in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. for spring vacation. Four of the students were believed to have taken cocaine on Thursday afternoon and were then overcome by the strong effects of the drug. Two of their friends tried CPR on some of the students who were in cardiac arrest. They also suffered severe symptoms.

NBC Miami reported Friday that all six patients were young men who were visiting Florida to take a spring break at the U.S. Military Academy West Point in New York. Their names have not been released.

The first responders received a call about multiple overdoses at a home in the 800 block Northwest 29th Court just before 5 p.m. on Thursday, said [Fort Lauderdale Fire Department Chief] Gollan.

Paramedics arrived to find the men in cardiac arrest outside in the front yard.

Paramedics and police began to perform chest compressions. Once they determined that it was an overdose situation Gollan stated that Narcan was quickly administered to the paramedics.

Gollan stated that while some patients were able to regain their heartbeats after the Narcan, four of them were still in respiratory arrest when the ambulance took them to the hospitals.

Gollan stated that these are young, healthy adults and college students at the peak of their lives. Once the drug is in their system, it is not known what will happen.

According to a West Point spokesperson, the U.S. Military Academy was aware of the situation that West Point cadets were in Thursday night at Wilton Manors (FL). This incident is still under investigation. No other details are available.

Wilton Manors police announced that they had made an arrest in connection to the incident on Friday but didn’t provide any additional information.

Overdoses of fentanyl have been a growing problem in recent years. A bipartisan Commission on Combating Synthetic Opioid Trafficking released a February report that stated Mexico was the dominant source of illegally obtained fentanyl since 2019. It is made in Mexico using precursors from Asia, mainly the PRC. The drug is then transported principally by land into America.” Before this report, most of the fentanyl imported to the United States came from China.

Fox News reported that in 2021, more than 10,586 lbs. The southern border was the first to be seized with fentanyl. This was twice the amount of the previous year (4,558 lbs). 2020, and four times the amount of the previous year (2,633 pounds). In 2019. It is impossible to know how much of this deadly drug has crossed Biden’s open border, and if it is not being caught.

On Friday, 18 Republican senators sent President Biden an open letter in which they demanded that he take “decisive actions” to stop the flow of deadly Fentanyl into the United States. They wrote that they felt the need to take decisive action for families who have lost loved ones due to drug overdoses in America. “Your inaction on this issue is a matter of deep concern.”

The Biden Collective isn’t just not taking any action to stop the illegal border crossings but it is also working to remove one of the legal obstacles to the stampede. It is likely that the influx of illegal drugs and illegal immigrants will only get worse.

Perhaps we could take cues from the Democrats’ absurd propaganda playbook and use the hashtag #BidenFentanylHike.

I have lost a lot of friends and loved ones due to the opioid epidemic and since doctors are very strict on who they prescribe pain medications to, it has addicts turning to drug dealers for heroin and a lot of it is laced with fentanyl because it is cheaper and makes the heroin go further; therefore making drug dealers more money. But, Fentanyl is very strong and it is killing people left and right. I feel like Biden should have made it free for anyone addicted to opioids to go to a doctor to get suboxone for free and attend therapy sessions weekly that teach them how to start over and help them get better. That would be so much better than the Model Law that supports the Biden-Harris Administration’s ongoing efforts to expand evidence-based harm reduction services to address the overdose epidemic. This gives addicts free syringes, but it doesn’t help them get better.

A lot of the friends and family members that I have lost got addicted to opioids when Purdue Pharma was pushing Oxycontin and saying they weren’t addictive. My friends and family members told me that they were addicted after the first time that they used the drug. I really hope since the six cadets overdosed and came close to dying that none of them liked the Fentany and don’t become addicted to it. Addiction is very sad and not only ruins the addict’s life, but it also causes their entire family pain and suffering because the family has to watch their loved ones change into completely different people, steal from the people they love, and slowly or sometimes quickly kill themselves unless they get help.