Slate Joins Media Cry For Revenge Against Trump Supporters

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Far-left Slate joined the Democrats’ and media’s growing calls for recrimination against Trump supporters with an editorial demanding Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller be imprisoned:

But [Stephen Miller’s] also a man. And like all men who commit crimes against humanity, he should be imprisoned by the society he wounded, forever prevented from spreading his pestilence and fear. In a just world, this reckoning would happen right on Jan. 21.

This is just the latest in a growing call from the media and establishment left to criminalize politics, blacklist Trump supporters, and ruin people personally.

On Friday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called for recriminations, not just against White House officials, but against all Trump supporters, when she tweeted, “anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

Michael Simon, a self-described member of the Obama administration, agreed and linked to a site called the Trump Accountability Project,” which you can look at here.

Washington Post staffers are also jumping on board. Left-wing Post columnist Jennifer Rubin is calling for anyone associated with the Trump administration to be blacklisted from holding a job and ostrasized from “polite society.”

“Any R[epublican] now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society,” she tweeted, adding, “We have a list.”

“When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” Robert Reich tweeted two weeks ago. “It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

Late last month, the far-left Washington Post sought to clear up misconceptions about truth commissions and concluded that one that held the Trump administration “accountable” would work with “strong, independent leadership, adequate resources and widespread public awareness, commissions — alongside other transitional justice measures — [and] have the potential to help societies publicly acknowledge past injustices.”

Author : John Nolte

Source : Breitbart : Jail Stephen Miller! Slate Joins Media Cry for Revenge Against Trump Supporters