Stacey Abrams Is Still The Worst Fake Governor In America

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I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I had a couple of ulcer-inducing sports fan days. It might be time to take up model airplane building or something that I won’t care about so much.

Near the top of my list of pet peeves about Democrats is the fact that they are constantly lying about Republicans and elections. Any kind of election integrity measure that is supported by the GOP is called “restrictive.” They also have an ongoing false story about Republicans not wanting minorities to vote. On and on the prevarication goes, and they’ve told the lies so often now that they probably believe them.

It is, of course, rich to hear any Democrat accuse people of trying to interfere with elections in the United States. They’re the ones who are behind most “irregularities” we see. Everything with them is projection.

One of the most infamous big liars is Stacey Abrams from Georgia, who is still flapping her gums about having been the real winner of Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election. That’s based entirely on her lunatic opinion and not on any objective evidence. Almost three years after that election, Abrams and other Democrats are still lying to the American public about what happened.

A.J. wrote a story over the weekend about the latest prominent Dem to spin the tale:

Two left-wing conspiracy theorists stood on stage in a Virginia college town Sunday, spreading fear and misinformation to gullible attendees.

For some unbeknownst reason, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe claimed that radical conspiracist Stacey Abrams should be Georgia’s governor, accusing current Gov. Brian Kemp of disenfranchising Peach State voters during the 2018 election.

The Democrat nominee espoused debunked claims at an event in Charlottesville, saying Abrams “would be the governor of Georgia today had the governor of Georgia not disenfranchised 1.4 million Georgia voters before the election.”

“That’s what happened to Stacey Abrams. They took the votes away,” he added.

Last week, McAuliffe proudly nodded along as Abrams — who literally believes she’s entitled to lead Georgia — repeated her lies and conspiracies about the 2018 race she lost to Kemp.

McAuliffe is not only a former governor but the former head of the Democratic National Committee as well. The election lies frequently come from the upper echelon of the Democratic Party. McAuliffe’s relationship with the truth has never been the strongest, so it’s not surprising that he’s on the Abrams train.

It’s just really irritating.

The Democrats have been whining about Donald Trump casting doubt on last year’s election, feigning shock that anyone would call into question the results. In reality, they’ve been doing just that for all of the 21st century, beginning with the 2000 presidential election. Democrats spent years insisting that Al Gore really won that one. They got so comfortable with the lie that they’ve kept it at the ready to be used whenever one of their smug, entitled candidates loses.

Abrams, of course, keeps up the storytelling because she’s been far more successful as a professional liar than she was as a politician. There’s gold in them thar Democrat hills for full-time liars.

One of the reasons I’m not a fan of any attempts at bipartisanship is the fact that the Democrats won’t stop lying about Republicans and elections. They can’t be dealt with in good faith as long as this goes on.

Which it probably will forever.

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Author : Stephen Kruiser

Source : Pj Media : The Morning Briefing: Stacey Abrams Is Still the Worst Fake Governor in America