Stacey Abrams: Self Absorbed to Say the Least


It’s amazing to see how arrogant politicians can be. She claimed the title of “election reform.” This is code for Democrats to cheat and consolidate power in the future, as we all know.

Abrams used her personal cause to raise money and get attention for her rematch with Gov. Brian Kemp. However, polling continues showing that Abrams faces a tough task.

Abrams has been making rounds on late-night talk networks and was featured on Wednesday’s The Daily Show. Trevor Noah made bold claims about her appearance on The Daily Show.

Abrams stated, “We are stronger nations when people have the chance to participate.” “And if anybody doubted that, Putin’s War against Ukraine is being waged. President Zelenskyy stated — and I’m going to probably paraphrase him poorly — this isn’t an attack on Ukraine. It is a war that threatens democracy in Ukraine.

She said, “When democracy becomes overtaken by people who want the power to decide who can hear”

Yes, she went there. Maybe Volodymyr Zelenskyy used a left-wing whistle called “war against democracy” in order to confuse Abrams. Perhaps Zelenksyy worries about Ukraine’s lack of poll harvesting or the need to have unsecured dropboxes.

Bombs are being used in Ukraine to attack civilians and their property.

This is the same as asking voters to show IDs to vote.

Abrams was criticized earlier this week for refusing to admit to her 2018 loss and criticizing former President Donald Trump. Abrams told Axios that he does not want Americans in a situation where they can legitimately question, criticize and try to improve systems. She said that Trump had invalidated the systems because he didn’t like his personal effects.

Why is she so upset over her electoral loss in the past three decades? Stacey Abrams calling Donald Trump a loser is remarkable considering that she has built her career on losing and is running for governor again.

Abrams should be mindful of Jesus’ instruction that you “take the log out of your own eye, and then you’ll be able to see clearly enough to remove the speck in your brother’s eyes.” ”

She doesn’t realize how absurd it is to try to compare her pet matter with the real and fatal problem of Russia invading Ukraine. Here’s the truth: Stacey Abrams won 2018’s governor’s election. She will lose in 2022.