State Says No To Mandatory Masks And Temp Checks For Students

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The Iowa Department of Education will not require students and teachers to wear face coverings, have the temperatures taken at school doors or practice social distancing, after releasing guidelines on Thursday to allow schools to reopen to regular activities.

“It really just seems like business as usual,” Jill Pennington Swanson told The Des Moines Register, adding she may start home-schooling her children this fall if face coverings aren’t required in schools.

The state said it would give the various school districts the authority to decide whether to mandate face coverings or temperature checks once schools pick up again.

Administrators at Des Moines Public Schools this week put in place requirements for students and teachers to wear face masks in buildings.

The small Iowa town of Ankeny has decided not to require face masks or perform temperature checks when school resumes.

“It would just be nice to know what they are thinking,” Pennington Swanson said. “I know August is a ways off, but for planning it would be nice to know what direction they are leaning.

Author : Tauren Dyson

Source : News Max : Iowa Won’t Mandate Face Masks, Temperature Checks When School Starts