Supreme Court Should be Destroyed According to Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren marched to the Boston Globe Wednesday to support the destruction of The Supreme Court.

U.S. Senator from Massachusetts stated that Congress should increase the Supreme Court’s size by four to restore integrity and balance to an institution in decline. They would also compromise the integrity of the court. She believes they are wrong.

Warren likes three out of six justices currently in place, but she hates the sixth. Four or more justices would give Warren the option to choose which justices she prefers.

Warren sycophants will, I’m sure, claim that this bill is a simple message bill. It is, I believe. But that message shows she is a dictator.

This idea was proposed for the first time by Franklin Roosevelt nearly 85 years ago. It was strongly rejected by even Franklin Roosevelt’s party congressmen.

At the time, the Senate Judiciary Committee declared that the idea “violates all sacred traditions and precedents from American democracy” and was “directly contrary the spirit of the American Constitution.” 

Warren intends to intimidate the Supreme Court to keep Roe since her first sentence stated that Court had “signaled they are willing to overturn Roe“. However, the threat is not moving quickly.

Tina Smith and Ed Markey, both Democrat senators from Massachusetts, have formally co-sponsored the bill to add four Supreme Court judges to the Senate. They won’t be able to fill the Court with 50 people if they don’t get the 50 seats to bypass the legislative filibuster by 2022.