T-Mobile Exposed: Must Be Vaxxed Or You’re Fired


T-Mobile whistleblower provided documentation that proved T-Mobile had mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for almost all of its employees or they would be fired on April 2, 2022.

Deeanne King, chief human resources director, sent an email Friday, January 28, announcing that the company had a mandate to forcibly inoculate all employees.

T-Mobile employees are being asked to be vaccinated by April 2nd. The data clearly and consistently shows that vaccines are the best method to prevent serious illness, death, or illness from COVID-19. You will need to upload proof of vaccination to Cleared4 online and obtain a digital Magenta Pass. It is applicable to flexible residents, hybrid and remote workers.

Employees who fail to take action by February 21st to receive their first dose of medication or upload proof will be placed on unpaid parental leaves. Employees with pending approved religious accommodation or medical exemption through HR will not be subject to this action.

Retail employees are exempted from the exemption because they “cannot control public access or interaction”. Remote employees must be vaccinated. T-Mobile offers a Frequently Asked Questions document with corporate excuses.

Employees classified as Mostly Remote must be vaccinated. T-Mobile employees will have to visit T-Mobile offices occasionally for trainings, meetings, and other business events.

TMobile requires that all visitors to their offices and vendors be vaccinated.

T-Mobile has made it clear to NTWs that they must have been vaccinated before they can enter our offices. You must ensure that they are fully vaccinated before you allow them to visit our offices during business hours.

It is not clear how they will receive or ship packages from FedEx and UPS.

T-Mobile refuses to accept responsibility for injuries sustained by employees as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. If you refuse to get it, you will be fired.

This is even worse. All employees must upload their vaccination status to a Google cloud app. Employees who refuse to share their personal medical information with the cloud even if they have been vaccinated will be fired.

This gem can be found in the FAQs. TMobile believes that the labor shortages make it worth taking the chance of cleaning staff who aren’t vaccinated.

It seems dangerous for employees to have to get the controversial vaccine because of the problems companies face in filling vacant positions. There are many other companies that don’t require the vaccine. This is despite the fact that there are some states that do not require it.