Taliban Seizes Pilatus PC12NG Spectre ISR Spy Planes


A variant of its popular PC-12 NG single-engine turboprop reconfigured for (ISR) intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Also known as the U28-A was developed in a super secret program to be used by the US as (ISR) aircraft. The official nickname given to these planes by the US Air Force is ‘Draco” which means the dragon. Cost per unit quoted appears to he $12 million each plus modification upgrade costs.

The Afghanistan Special Operations Wing had twenty-three of these Swiss-built Pilatus PC-12 spy aircraft refitted by Sierra-Nevada for $218 million with signals-intelligence gear to spy on communications.

The intelligence-gathering electronics on these planes are classified and were developed at great cost to the US Government.

This is a technology that never should have ended up in the hands of the Taliban. With the CCP on the ground in Kabul, this will be a prime target for acquisition. They won’t pass on the opportunity to get their hands on US covert Intelligence gathering electronics surveillance and communications equipment.

US is trying to hide the extent of this loss. SIGAR audit report has been removed from site.

Author : Jim Hoft

Source : The Gateway Pundit : Major Biden Administration Mistake: Taliban Seizes Pilatus PC12NG Spectre ISR Spy Planes