Team Trump Unveils New Social Media Platform – Donald’s Supporters Are Flocking To July 4th Launch Of GETTR

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Ever since Donald Trump was unceremoniously kicked off of major social sites, Americans have clamored for his return.

But the 45th president has been relatively slow in jumping back into social media. He has released plenty of press releases, expressing his views. Instead of joining someone else’s site, the Donald has suggested starting his own.

Plans surrounding this social site continue to be the stuff of speculation. That hasn’t stopped another big development from hitting the Internet.

Because members of Trump’s own inner circle have launched a social app. It’s goal? Crushing cancel culture. From Politico:

Former President Donald Trump’s team quietly launched a new social media platform on Thursday, billing it as an alternative to Big Tech sites…

The site, called GETTR, advertised its mission statement as “fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas.” The app is currently in beta form and will be officially launched on July 4 at 10a.m.

Members of Trump’s team launched a new social app called “GETTR.” The social site is being branded as anti-cancel culture and pro-free speech.

The creators have also spoken of providing an alternative to big tech “monopolies” and being a “marketplace of ideas.”

As it stands right now, this does not appear to be the much-discussed social media site by Donald Trump himself.

The creators of GETTR revealed Trump does not have an account on the new site. But they have reserved his user name, should he decide to join in the future.

This comes soon after the news that the Trump team joined Rumble, a rival video platform to YouTube.

All these updates are sparking speculation about Trump’s return to social media. Many are expecting the man to announce a presidential run soon. A return to a social platform would most likely come first.

There are several prominent free speech social networks currently online. But Trump has yet to join most of them, citing a desire to avoid being shut down once again.

It’s uncertain what impact GETTR will have on the social media landscape. But chances are many conservatives will jump on board, in the hopes of seeing Trump arrive in the near future.

Author : Adam Casalino

Source: Gop Daily Brief : Team Trump Unveils New Social Media Platform – Donald’s Supporters Are Flocking To July 4th Launch Of GETTR