Teen Killed By Police: Does This Not Demand A Riot?


It was a terrible outcome, and no one can deny that. This is the type of tragedy police reforms are often inspired from.

It was chaotic. It was chaotic. These policies can be used to anticipate any tactical situation and prevent untoward outcomes.

The L.A. Times analysis on police tactics was fascinating to me. Many people were angry about the tactics of police officers.

Graciela Cornejo (70), a resident near the scene, didn’t know anything about the circumstances of the shooting, but she was told by her daughter. “They’re very well trained for this. It’s beyond my comprehension. 

She is unable to comprehend and her thoughts only incite outrage. He is a veteran community organizer and high school history teacher in South Los Angeles. Gochez stated that the Times believes the incident could have been handled differently in a wealthy area. It is less common for police to light a fire in holiday shoppers’ shops.

Domingo Garcia also seemed uninformed and echoed the racial hatred. The latest in a string of shootings by the LAPD involving Latinos.

Let’s forget the racial grievances, and instead, look at what actually occurred.

He appears at top of the escalator in a jacket and pants, which he apparently bought from the racks. He walks a short distance and then puts the bike back down. Then he leans against the railing to retrieve the cable lock he lost.

He then throws the lock at the bicycle, which falls. The lock is then thrown at the bicycle by him, and it falls.

Elena Lopez is again seen walking out of frame. The woman is seen talking to him on the phone, possibly reporting him to the police. One person reported that there was a shooting going on. Elena Lopez is seen swinging the lock while another woman flees.

Elena Lopez descends the escalator. Soon, a woman follows Elena Lopez down the escalator. Soon, a woman follows her.

A second woman is also climbing down the escalator at the time of the assault. Elena Lopez grabs the other woman but she manages to free herself from the clutches. He removes his pants and takes off his boots before he departs the store.

He enters again the store and rushes up to meet the first four police officers. The fifth officer arrives at top of the escalator with his handgun.

Soon two more officers arrive with guns, one being armed. Soon three more officers arrive.

Elena Lopez is filmed from behind by a camera on the second floor. He then strikes her with the lock repeatedly and knocks her to her knees. As the officers approach the corner, the officer drags the woman out of frame.

Elena Lopez can be seen striking the woman with a lock and kicking her in both the face and the head. She crawls towards officers as they approach.

On Monday the LAPD released footage from body camera showing an officer holding the rifle next to Elena Lopez, bleeding, and firing three shots at her. It appears that the bullet had bounced off of the floor and struck the wall in the changing area.

According to the L.A. Times, the officer who fired him had “rushed past his colleagues who were trying to get him slow down.” The Times reports that at least one caller to the police reported the incident as a shooting.

I do not know the thoughts and feelings of the officer but any officer-involved shooting must be based on facts reasonably available at the time.

Responding to a shooting, the officer was fully armed and prepared to defend his victim. The officer shot the attacker at a distance. There was no danger to his safety. The officer was able to act in a reasonable way and within the law regardless of the tragic outcome.

I don’t think such changes would be possible if the police were to exercise a certain level of caution. There are some tragedies that do not need to be changed.