Texas Bill Defies Biden And Attempts To Complete Trump’s Border Wall


Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton has filed a bill designed to fund “border security enhancement projects.” The idea would be for Texas to build the wall with their own funds and then ask the Federal Government for reimbursement.

At this point, it’s too early to know if the bill will pass or whether they have any realistic shot of getting reimbursed by the government, but what we do know is that Texas is suffering a great deal because Joe Biden is refusing to enforce America’s laws against illegal immigration. Governor Greg Abbott has been talking about the consequences of Biden’s decision and what Texas has had to do about it lately.

Liberals view illegal aliens as future voters and they don’t care about the consequences of opening up the border and waving them in by the millions, but that hurts a lot of Americans. There are illegal aliens spreading COVID-19 all over the country because the Biden Administration is allowing them to go wherever they want even if they test positive. There are undoubtedly Americans who died of COVID-19 and who knows how many other diseases because of this policy. Every rape, robbery, murder and child molestation committed by an illegal alien is the result of the government enabling them to be here and commit crimes. There are a lot of poor and lower middle class Americans that either don’t have jobs or getting paid less because they’re competing with illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes and don’t have medical insurance. They fill up prisons and their kids fill up our schools, but the illegals aren’t paying for it. Where illegal aliens go, crimeswaves and poverty follow. They are a curse on America, but as long as long they can potentially provide votes for Democrats and work cheap for the right fatcats, the good of the American people will always be put last.

Author : John Hawkins

Source : Bongino : Texas Bill Defies Biden and Attempts to Complete Trump’s Border Wall