Texas Governor Gives Power Back To Trump Supporters – Abbott Just Set Up Public Border Wall Donation Project


When Joe Biden stopped construction of the southern border wall, many state officials and Republican leaders expressed frustration and concern. They said former President Trump’s policies had been working.

But now, they claim Biden’s more lax approach has led to a fresh surge of foreign travelers. And unfortunately, the border situation might be worse than ever.

That’s why Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently announced plans to build a border barrier without federal aid.

The news was welcome to those who continue to worry about our nation’s security. And many residents in southern states support the idea, as they’ve seen first-hand the negative effects of weaker border policy.

And now, those citizens are going to have a chance to help.

Gov. Abbott recently stated that Texas had set aside $1 billion for border security, and this will include the new barrier. But of course, it’s a very expensive proposition.

That’s why the Governor is giving power to the people: he says citizens can donate to the project (from The Hill):

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said in an interview published Tuesday that he would solicit public donations to fund construction of his proposed border wall.

The Governor went on the conservative podcast “Ruthless” and made it clear that “everybody in the entire world” could donate funds.

Abbott added that all donations would be handled with “great transparency.” In other words, you know where your money is going:

Everyone will know every penny in, every penny out. But the sole purpose for those funds will be going to build the border wall.

However, the project will face hurdles that aren’t financial.

For example, the Texas Tribune wondered in a recent article whether or not the state has the authority to build a border wall. It might only be an option for the federal government.

But Texas is tired of waiting for aid from the Biden administration.

Gov. Abbott said recently, “The president hasn’t called; the vice president hasn’t called.” He added that he spoke to a few individuals in the Department of Homeland Security, but “that was a long time ago.”

DHS has released a bevy of disturbing statistics in recent months. The number of arrests and overall encounters at the border have skyrocketed since February.

Border officials have warned of overflowing detention centers and a lack of power and staff. And southern state residents and leaders have been begging the Biden admin for help.

It just hasn’t arrived. And that’s why Texas is taking matters into their own hands, and giving you the chance to help.

Author : Jackson Wright

Source : American Journal Daily : Texas Governor Gives Power Back To Trump Supporters – Abbott Just Set Up Public Border Wall Donation Project